Sony Announces EverQuest Next for PS4 and New IP; Planetside 2 Coming in the First Half of 2014

During an AMA-style Q&A on reddit Sony Online Entertainment President John Smedley dropped news that PS4 and MMORPG fans will love.

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C_Menz1338d ago


Poorly optimized? Maybe when it was first released. Since then it has improved drastically and runs great on any PC remotely geared towards gaming.

combatcash1338d ago


It's been improved but the performance still isn't too great at least not on my pc. I can run most games maxed out without any issues, maybe my pc doesn't like this game.

cleft51338d ago

So happy they made it official.

360ICE1338d ago


I though Planetside 2 was pretty well-optimized. Seeing how there are at least tens of players on screen all the time I'm amazed my only fairly powerful PC can run it on rather high settings.

kopicha1338d ago

I didnt expect to see this coming. EQN? Man...

Prime1571338d ago

Combat, you probably need more ram? My old 8800gtx ran it fine with 8gigs of ram on win 7, and that was was awhile ago. Ram is usually the biggest thing in mmos with lots of players being able to show up on screen.

If you aren't familiar, that gtx8800 is an old card, pretty much the same power, or less, than the ps3 and 360.

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DonDon1338d ago

Will it be F2P on PS4? I always wanted to try Everquest but my pc sucks

G20WLY1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

That would be nice but I doubt it. I'd heard of Everquest, but never played it. CertifiedGamer shared a video below - you can't give something that cool away, surely?!

Here's the video:

DeadlyFire1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Yes. Everquest Next and Everquest Landmark will both be free to play I believe. Its on the official site's FAQ First question What is Everquest Next? Click it and says clear as day free to play. Landmark is the same as well.

I don't see why it wouldn't be the same on PS4 considering how many free to play MMOs are already set for PS4 that keep their free to play status.

Retard1338d ago

They have always given the free trials...

GribbleGrunger1338d ago

They haven't said anything about Everquest: Landmark but I'm assuming it will also come to the PS4. If people aren't familiar with Landmark, it's basically LBP for MMO fans.

sobekflakmonkey1338d ago

I think Everquest Next and Landmark are the same thing, Landmark being the alpha/beta program they're launching for Everquest Next...I could be wrong...but last time I checked that's all Landmark was, as well as the fact that it's called Everquest Next: Landmark, and Everquest Next is called just that...but if you find anything else out, it'd be good to know.

GribbleGrunger1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

They're separate. When the dev was asked whether Landmark would be pulled once Next released, he said 'hell no.' Landmark is a planet for creating your own unique towns, buildings or whatever you fancy. It comes with materials that you have to find and assets you have to fashion from materials around the world. If you create something interesting, you have a chance of that content being put into Next, and you can sell your assets to other gamers to use. If that gamer then includes one of your assets in a bigger project, you get a percentage of his payment if he then sells it on.

It explains some of it here. I'm not sure if it contains the creation/sharing/payment scheme but it gives you a good idea of what Landmark is:

This is shorter and explains what Landmark is:

JodyCones1338d ago

It's the alpha stage for Everquest Next. They're giving us the opportunity to put our ideas in Everquest Next Landmark, for- "Everquest Next" -before it releases.

HammadTheBeast1338d ago

Basically Everquest Landmark is like minecraft with Everquest, you make assets and the devs may put them in game.

At least that's how I got it.

Prime1571338d ago

I feel like I remember them saying you get paid if they use the stuff you build in landmark, too.

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Rimeskeem1338d ago

I am perfectly fine being PlanetSide 2 bitch

JodyCones1338d ago

Holy crap Everquest Next is coming to PS4! Awesome, if no one knows what this game is you have to watch the reveal.

Spenok1338d ago

GREAT news. This is awesome. I really hope they are cross server. Though Sony isn't exactly known for that with their MMO's. Can still hope though.

I wonder what this new IP could be about. Or what genre of game it fits. Hmm...

DeadlyFire1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

I am thinking if this new ip is not Star Wars then its Sci-Fi related. Maybe a Star Wars/Mass Effect mmo type of mash up ip with lightswords, and magic powers of some sort. Just my guess, but I think it would be cool if it was something like that.

I wouldn't mind a new Star Wars MMO though. The Old republic has consumed most of my friends that used to play Jedi Academy and it sucks to me personally. So I wouldn't mind something better to come along.

ramiuk11338d ago

been hoping for an everquest game on console for years.
amazing games

DuB1338d ago

Sony's laying the perfect trap to catch me.

I see a PS4 in my future.

Bobby Kotex1337d ago

Good move for Sony to bring their biggest PC game series to the PS4.

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nigelp5201338d ago

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tatsuya 1338d ago

Fuk Yea! I knew this day would come. That's why I always believe in you SONY :)

ColeMacGrath1337d ago

I assume most if not all SOE games will arrive on PS4 as well? Since most of these PC to PS4 ports were developed by SOE themselves.

Studio-YaMi1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Yea seriously!

This is AWESOME news,was impressed with the demo they showed for Everquest Next,the whole "destroy the ground and you'll go under to a new layer of levels" really got me interested.

CrossingEden1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Not really a big fans of MMOs so this news is alittle disappointing to me personally.
@PeaSFor That's basically what I said but I forgot that on this site you have to be overly excited about every bit of ps4 related good news, even if it's about a genre you have no interest in and will not be spending alot of time playing. Like the majority of people here.
@Studio-YaMi, oh joy, a stalker, please tell me where in the TOS am I not allowed to express a negative or in this case a NEUTRAL opinion. Grow up, you're acting like it takes someone more than 30 seconds to comment. Don't like my posts then grow up and use the ignore button. No longer reading your posts. Kthanxbye

PeaSFor1338d ago

Not fans of MMOs AT ALL, im still happy for everyone who like it.

Studio-YaMi1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

You seem to always hop on topics and news you "don't care about" but have the time to comment negatively about it.

Such a waste of a comment..

Abriael1338d ago

You're disappointed because the MMORPG arm of Sony works on MMORPGs?

Well, good luck with that.

combatcash1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Yup this site isn't too kind on folks who don't think that every sony release is golden. There's no denying that sony releases many exclusive games but they're not all great. Variety is good though.


I think his issue is more on the fact that on this site you can't express any dislike towards any sony first party game without getting tons of disagrees.

Abriael1338d ago

This site is especially unknind to folks who type completely nonsensical things just for the sake of typing.

like "i'm not a fan of MMO, so I'm disappointed that a MMO company makes MMOs"

isa_scout1338d ago

I never did understand why people worry so much over the disagree to agree ratio seriously...I disagreed with your comment because well I'm excited. It's cool if your not excited and your not losing a bubble or anything. I simply didn't agree with your comment so I clicked disagree.
It doesn't mean your wrong or I'm wrong just means we both have a different opinion and disagree....Thus, the disagree button.

webeblazing1338d ago

a lot of people on this site use to say they dont like mmos i wonder what changed their mind. how times changed. i respect your comment at least your being honest tho.

KwietStorm1338d ago

What would disappoint you about MMOs coming to PS4? If you don't want to play them then don't play them. How is it a bad thing or anything to be disappointed about at all?

Prime1571338d ago

Yeah, the more games coming over means more variety to choose from, and more likely to find something new you like.

Lilrizky1338d ago

Yeah I'd say I'm in the same boat, however I've never tried an MMO because I've never been into PC gaming. This does look like a good entry point for someone like me. Also the crafting mechanics look pretty intuitive for the genre.

SoulSercher6201338d ago

Lol you're telling other people to grow up? You're one of the people that need to grow up the most on here. Why do you think you have one bubble?

kenshiro1001338d ago

You have a rather annoying habit of trolling PS4 articles. I hope you don't start crying about PlayStation fans trolling XB1 articles.

Prime1571338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

CrossingEden, you're welcome to your opinion, but two problems you have are

1) it makes little sense to make a negative comment about all mmos on an article about "Sony *ONLINE* entertainment" which is different from the PlayStation brand as they produce mmos. If you don't like mmos, why comment on a mmo dev's news.

2) you say things with such disrespect that people vote you down and/or disagree with you. Then you go into the immature "I'm always right mode"and edit your post because you still don't know what respect means to gain bubbles and communicate.

That comment only made you look ignorant, petty, and immature (immature has nothing to do with age).

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