Hardware Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 - Perfect Sound for PS4

Push Square: "Audio is arguably the most underrated element of gaming. We spend hours poring over screenshots and gameplay videos, rarely giving a second thought to the sound as we inspect textures, lighting effects, and polygons. Despite this, a game’s ability to move or engage is often closely linked to the quality of its audio engineering, with the likes of Journey and Dead Space demonstrating the importance of a good score and intelligent sound design. However, in order to really appreciate the value of a title’s acoustics, you may need to splash out on expensive speaker arrays which aren’t always practical for all types of homes. That’s where headsets such as the Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 have managed to carve out a market."

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medman1699d ago

I bought a turtle beach headset once. Never again. The build quality is a complete joke.

shysun1699d ago

Bought these day one! I Love them!!

qu1ckset1698d ago

I bought these day one as well , they sounded amazing so I thought , till I replaced them with my Astor A50's , now I can say these PX4's sound like crap in comparison!

combatcash1699d ago

How about sony lets us use our old headsets.

Brugal1699d ago

I think you could by plugging them into the controller. My pulse elite's won't function wireless with the PS4 but they do work plugged in.

Elwenil1699d ago

How about more of these headset companies make an actual surround sound headset? This "virtual surround" BS is worthless in comparison to the real thing. So far I can only find one company that still makes a true surround sound headset. The rest of these are just over-hyped chat headsets.

Elwenil1699d ago

Yup, the Tritton Pro 5.1's are the only ones I can find. Hopefully they will work with the PS4 at some point in the near future.

NobleRed1699d ago

There are two more companies. Coolermaster and Roccat.

I use the Coolermaster Sirus S headset with my ps4. Problem is that the voice chat is not working at the moment.

Elwenil1698d ago

Thanks for those. I had no idea Coolermaster made headsets and I don't know that I have ever heard of Roccat. Will check them out and hopefully out of these three options something will work with the PS4 in the future.