Grand Theft Auto Online: A Letdown?

Justin of Pixel Gate writes:

''I really do enjoy playing around in the online portion of GTAV with friends, and we can usually sink a few hours into it by just messing around, outrunning cops, and causing plain old mayhem in general. However, even with all the fun that can be had there’s still a slew of issues with the online, and in the end it’s really kind of a let down when you think about it.''

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GamerEuphoria1704d ago

Was it a let down? Does Rockstar drop the ball with it's multiplayer?

GarrusVakarian1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Had tons of fun online with friends, had some really memorable times.....but it was short lived, it released too close to next gen in my opinion. Everyone lost interest and went to next gen. I go on it every now and again to mess around in the jets, but it's not the same without friends.

This game, especially the online, would REALLY benefit from next gen and PC. A bump in framerate, res and pedestrians/traffic for the MP would be great.

GamerEuphoria1704d ago

PC + Mods = GTA Greatness, least from past experiences

PeaSFor1704d ago

tried it in the launch month, but it was way too buggy and glitched for me....then i simply ignored it and wont ever try it again, sry Rockstar but you had your chance and you blew it, its time to go foward now.

GemmaBeauregard1704d ago

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GuyThatPlaysGames1704d ago

After playing the same missions over and over and over about 10 times I gave up. very repetitive and sold it a week later.

-Foxtrot1704d ago

I hope with GTA6 they just focus on the single player and after launch get straight to work on the DLC expansions

Seriously they may aswell get another Rockstar studio to do the online separately

king_george1704d ago

Totally agree. The multiplayer is such a dissapointment in my opinion. I havent even logged on in forever because i really cant be bothered with all the issues. People complain about battlefield (rightly so) but i honestly cant think of another multiplayer game that has given me this much trouble in awhile. Hopefully gta6 is better

-Foxtrot1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

What I'm more disappointed on is how much better the single player could of been

The world for example could of had more things to do in it. Would you rather have an online mode or more shops to explore/rob, more side missions, secret cars/planes etc

Hell what about the ending...what about instead of <SPOILERS> .....BANG BANG your dead we've now successfully and quickly tied up loose ends each character gets a long missions to tie their own loose end up and when you do that you have one massive group mission to get the last guy who's f***** all of them over.

Psychotica1704d ago

I keep thinking the same thing. I don't bother with the online at all and have really enjoyed the single player mode. I just keep thinking how much better single player could of been if R* had been totally devoted to it.

MultiConsoleGamer1704d ago

It's a great idea but it's also deeply flawed. The biggest problem I have is all that annoying beeping from the thousands of invites I get from people wanting me to join their games. Very annoying.

Grap1704d ago

I don't know how anyone find repeating the same quest over and over again with worthless reward. I played it a good 10 hours then i lost my interest.

BanginBiscuitz1704d ago

GTA online is definitely a let down. I remember articles saying that it will be strong for years to come and its already pretty much dead. The hacking destroyed the game, and didnt seem like R* could stop it. Only way to really get it back up slightly is release a patched version for next gen consoles and PC. GTA5 released way to close to the launch of next gen and everyone knows it. I just dont know why R* doesnt port it over, i still have no clue why.

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