New Unreal Engine 4 Video Showcases One Of The Best Real-time House Interior Environments

DSOGaming writes: "This house interior looks spectacular and is easily among the best we've seen. Reflections are spot on, textures are of high quality, ambient occlusion has been used cleverly, and the overall lighting system is surprisingly close to the real deal."

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The_Infected1304d ago

What you see in a tech demo will most likely be way beyond what gameplay will look like.

john21304d ago

Good news is that this is created by an individual, so imagine what a triple-A studio will achieve with this engine. Also that scene was running at 1080x60fps according to its creator

Kurylo3d1303d ago

individuals typicaly do way better then most studios... just cause most studios are churning to quick out the easiest thing possible as quickly as possible..

These individuals actually have a love for the art of it. and technology of it.

1303d ago
HarryB1303d ago

Bottom line is your saying that game makers wont make upcoming games that look like this?

JsonHenry1303d ago

Come back when you can manage to make dirt, rocks, grass, trees, and raw nature look this good. I would really love to see that.

hkgamer1303d ago

nothing too impressive that shows the power of unreal engine 4. think the fox engine showed off real environments really well.

dont get me wrong, it was only made by one person so that is pretty impresive. just fed up with these stupid headlines that kinda overexagerates things.

Yep1303d ago

Not hard to get something running that well when there's no animation.

Nobody heard of unlimited detail?

SpideySpeakz1303d ago

Unlimited detail was proven to be a hoax. A scam to take investor's money. That's why that video you linked, the comments and likes/dislikes are disable. That's why we haven't seen a game yet that uses it, in 4 years since announcement.

Rhythmattic1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

It was proven to be a scam? really? News to me....

So they must be in big trouble, after all, the Australian Government gave them a 2 million dollar grant...

One thing you don't do is defraud a Gov.

--bienio--1303d ago

the question should be asked whether the xboxO will do the trick to deal with the power of UE4? I forgot xboxO can not make it!

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