10 Video Game Sequels We Want To See On Next-gen

Nerdacy: Whereas most people would solely focus on the big name, million-dollar franchises when making their list of the ten video game sequels they want to see on next generation consoles, we decided to focus on the games most people haven’t been talking about. These ten games are truly deserving of a sequel so why not have them on our shiny new Xbox One and PS4 consoles?

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SpiralTear1580d ago

Lots of love for Criterion and Bioware. Can't really argue with that, though. If only Criterion could do a Road Rash reboot...

1580d ago
Thepharaoh1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

Kameo. This needs to happen

Old_Boss_1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I remember Black back in the PS2 it had a wonderful cover

psman0121580d ago

Black was such an amazing game for it's time, I remember playing it for hours on end. I agree, a new Black would be fantastic. I would also kill to see a new Fallout game as well.

KonsoruMasuta1580d ago

Imagine a next gen Dead or Alive Extreme 3 with improved graphics and ... erm... physics. That would be awesome.

Or maybe a next gen Rumble Roses.

Hellsvacancy1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

I want to see Portal 3

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