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Engadget "Sony had a tiny surprise to share just ahead of the Tokyo Games Show: the PS Vita TV, appearing from inside SCE President Andrew House's jacket pocket. Having already announced a new, slender PS Vita handheld less than an hour earlier, Sony showed off this minute console -- roughly the same footprint as a smartphone -- that plays Vita games, PlayStation games and streams video content, as well as music and video from Sony's own store. It can also connect with multiple PS3 DualShock controllers, allowing for proper, responsive gaming -- something we're not quite used to getting from something so tiny."

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MultiConsoleGamer1635d ago

If this thing ran Android it would be perfect. Dual OS.

ABizzel11635d ago

I agree somewhat, but with running android you're asking for it to be rooted and thus do to the Vita what happened to the PSP.

A lot more hardware would sale, but software would take a nose dive, and software sales are generally the real money makers.

I think the cons are valid complaints. The OS I'm sure works, but it should be better designed to use physical controls now. Grouping content in bubbles doesn't seem like it would be intuitive.

More apps would be nice, so that's something Sony should be working on.

IMO they should be bundling a DualShock 4 with PSV TV. The touch pad, could have eliminated a lot of porting issues and functioned as the front touch screen. And since people would had a DualShock 4 in their house, and would entice them to get the PS4 as well if they happened to buy the PSV TV first (say in Japan).

Review seems about right based on the read 7 or 8/10, especially for PS4 owners. Sony just needs to work out those 3 issues and it should be a hit / amazing companion device to the PS4. PS Now on PSV TV would be amazing as well, since it's practically a PSV & PS3 for $99 + subscription fee.

There's huge potential here Sony, fix the problems before launching in the rest of the world. Start bundling DualShock 4's with it.

I also want that 64GB memory card, or better yet 128GB. My 32GB been full for some time.

Eonjay1635d ago

Engadget thinks they are smart. Guys, remember the PlayStation announcement coming 1/30/2014. The "slimmest PlayStation in history" IS the VITA TV. Its being announced next Thursday. The marked it down because they said it was only available in Japan. Yeah... they already figured it out too...

ShwankyShpanky1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Announcing the VitaTV for the west would be cool, but I really hope it's the Vita 2000 coming west too/instead. I've been holding out for the new Vita. Really eager to do Remote Play and jump on my PS+ Vita backlog. Hopefully the actual release isn't too far out from the announce.

tubers1635d ago

Maybe in the future.

Two separate SoCs (probably costs 20-30 bucks) that can switch between PSV and Android OS fast. No security threat as the hardware are basically independent.

The VTV may need to have two separate storage and a CMA android App. CMA is on PC to and it hasn't been used to hack the VITA but only for PSP exploits.

No need to fear battery since it's a plugged device.

Kills 2 birds in 1 stone; Sony's micro console and set top box with Android flexibility -All in one.

FamilyGuy1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I just want to play some of the Vita exclusives on my tv and use it for its Remote Play functionality. Just those two things alone make it worth the $100.

Hopefully they'll clean up the OS for its U.S. launch to be more tv friendly.

pwnsause_returns1635d ago

it is also why we're stuck with proprietary Memory cards.

This is why we cant have nice things :/

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PSVita1635d ago

Access to PSNow, Remote play, Netflix etc. along with PSvita games for $100 you can't beat that.

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iTzYaBoYal1635d ago

Killzone mercs would look beautiful on my 32 inch :)

SilentNegotiator1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Wait, did they patch in Vita TV support? The last that I knew, it wasn't supported on Vita TV.

LeCreuset1635d ago

You sure about that? I haven't played Mercs since Shadow Fall came out, but I think all of the touch screen commands had an actual button mapped to those actions as well.

Remy_S1635d ago

They haven't patched it yet, that update will come out after the offline botzone/new multiplayer maps patch.

Rageanitus1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I bought my Vita at launch, for some reason I put most of my hours into plants vs zombies!! Where are games!.

I bought all the major games like KZ.

Sorry to say this but Killzone Mercenaries was OK... graphical achievement for a portable (spetacular), but in terms of gameplay it actually felt mundane and short like hell.

Had this game been ported to PS3/4 it would have gotten mediocre reviews.

I just wished they added android features to the console. Yes this is a gaming machine at hard but for some reason it feels like it needs some android environment loving.

captainexplosion1635d ago

Games like LBP, Tearaway, Guacamelee, Rayman Origins, and Rayman Legends are all incredible.

Rageanitus1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I am tired of platform games they all feel myeh (I am a long time gamer) of the list above is thumbs down for me. Yes I did give them ago, but the genre is not engaging for me anymore.

Hell I find all the recent mario games snooze fests.

Tearaway is unique but I would not go as far as saying it is incredible.

LeCreuset1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


Persona 4 Golden. Uncharted. Soul Sacrifice. Dragon's Crown. Sly Cooper Thieves in Time (Cross buy). Muramasa. PS All Stars Battle Royale (Cross buy). LBP. Mortal Kombat. MVC3U. DOA5+. Gravity Rush. AC III Liberation.

You kind of sound like someone with very particular tastes, which is cool, but you should recognize that before you post a public comment asking where the games are.

pwnsause_returns1635d ago

Ive sunk in 50 hours into persona 4 so far.

captainexplosion1635d ago

I don't get this device. I want a streaming device that streams the PS4 into another room. That would be AWESOME. But it needs to be 1080 for Netflix. And what is the point of the Vita support? I love my vita, but without a touch screen or back touch panel playing Vita games on the tv is ridiculous. Sony should make a 1080p streaming device that is also capable of Now and streaming from the PS4 while leaving out the Vita support.

elninels1635d ago

So get rid of the vita support and find a way to put more power in that little box...... for Netflix?
No way dude

ErryK1635d ago

Such a thing exists, it's called a HDMI transmitter, its costs more than the Vita TV but comes with less features.