Alien: Isolation Interview - The Creative Assembly Talks Terror

X360A: Here's our chat with Alistair Hope and John McKellan, the creative lead and the UI lead on The Creative Assembly’s upcoming survival horror, Alien: Isolation.

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IaMs121665d ago

I really hope this game does well. I probably won't play because i admit id be scared shitless haha. But heres to hoping its as scary and as good as it looks.

Vergil-1665d ago

I have a good feeling survival horror is making its return. Looking forward to this and The Evil Within.

cellur1111665d ago

I hope i get the same feeling playing this as i did when playing the first dead space..

colonel1791665d ago

I think I know how this game will go: The first game will be praised for its survival terror aspect. It will not sell as well, but enough to guarantee a sequel. The sequel will improve things while retaining the survival aspect. Then the developers will make a third game that will be a COD clone and lose any survival horror in place for an action shooter with cliche moments.

Yep, sound about right.