Origin Website Teases Titanfall Beta, then Removes the Message

Looks like the pre-release testing for Titanfall is being handled a bit roughly by Electronic Arts with unclear and often conflicting messages, starting with the technical alpha last weekend and continuing with the possible beta teased today.

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Revolt131421d ago

Ha, that seems like a good place to start

Eonjay1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I think this was just on Origin's website. Its weird because everyone is expecting it to run Awesome on PC... considering it was featured at PAX playable on PC last year. The probably don't want to run it at the same time as an Xbox One beta because of inevitable comparisons. I think their best bet would be do PC first then do a more refined Xbox One beta closer to launch.

Sayai jin1421d ago

It ran on a dev kit (PC). Origin is still working on the specs for the PC version. IMO most people that are getting the game could care less about the comparison. Honestly, you could say the same thing with every game that launches on any console and PC...PC will have the definitive version. So there will be inevitable comparisons...not so much.

Eonjay1421d ago

@Sayi jin

I agree... but given the events of the last few days, people will be holding the Xbox One under a microscope. Strategically that is how I would handle the situation to mitigate unnecessary exposure. Then again, I could be completely off. After all. I am probably over thinking. This game will sell great on every platform it hits no doubt.

Sayai jin1421d ago may be correct and I see your point.

Some of the recent news about the game has been met with criticism, but overall the game has continual good press and reviews. IMO the XB1 and the PS4 to be exact, are highly scrutinized due to the fact that they are net-gen consoles with high expectations.

windmill1451421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

The rumor is that it will be an open beta for all 3 systems

Sayai jin1421d ago

I hope they do a beta soon!

Farmassy1421d ago

why did someone disagree? Why would someone be against a beta? Even if they don't think they like the game, why care if someone else wants a beta to happen?

Vergil-1421d ago


You must be new.

Sayai jin1421d ago

@Farmassy- Unfortunately, you see stuff like this all the time on the site...For example, there will be a title about (Insert Console Name Here) getting a new game or additional content and some will comment that it's great news or that they are looking forward to whatever the subject is about and people will disagree. It does not make sense to disagree with someone if they are excited for something like a game, feature, etc, but it does not really bother is quite funny.

Gabenbrah1421d ago

PC BETA would be awesome, but I'm down for an XB1 BETA as well, I just want to play this game again, playing it at the EBGAMES EXPO was a blast!

Farmassy1421d ago

Please let this happen. I didn't get into the alpha and I really want to give this game a try. I think that letting more players give it a try, we will be able to really tell if it is as good a game as people are saying it is

ambientFLIER1420d ago

A titanfall article without NewMonday spamming it up???? Is this real life?

Farmassy1420d ago

He was probably asleep when this came out

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