Crytek Hiring Experienced Programmers for Next-Gen Game

Colton Steury writes: "Crytek is still hard at work on their unannounced next-gen project and is looking for new recruits to help out along the way. In a new post on their website, the team reveals they’re looking for an experienced programmer to work with them on a 12 month contract, implying that we won’t be seeing a release date for this next title for a long while."

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PeaSFor1638d ago

i wonder if this time they will have more than 3 different enemy skins.

b163o11638d ago

Is it me or are there games ridiculously overrated???

TheGreatAndPowerful1637d ago

Oh god not another crytek game. :/

PeaSFor1637d ago

i really enjoyed the fist FarCry on pc, then their next games went downhill, all about graphic and zero fun.

xfear2diex1638d ago

ryse is succese and it,s fun yeah a bit repitieve but fun and crysis 3 was good game not that bad it's just typical shooter and peopole expected more
i hope it's ryse 2 or f2p crysis

DeathOfTheFanBoy1638d ago

I agree about Ryse, it blew me away, I honestly recommend it highly to anyone on the fence as I was.

I loved the first Crysis on PC but after playing Crysis 2 on the 360 I never bothered with the 3rd installment... the 2nd one was gorgeous and fine for a single play through but there was nothing about it that called me back for more and ultimately left me feeling meh about further installments in the franchise.

lifeisgamesok1638d ago

Ryse is great they should make more sequels

torchic1638d ago

F2P Crysis would be awesome I'd be all over that.

OpieWinston1638d ago

Ryse was awesome...I'm really hoping they make a legit Ryse Prequel/Sequel where you play as Damacles. Crytek UK is basically Vigil staff and they've been hiring more and more Hack and Slash dev vets to join it.


Darksiders 3 in Cryengine... Beautiful and Fun to play.

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Lamigol101638d ago

I really enjoyed Ryse .... each to their own eh ?
That's the great thing about opinion .. so diverse.

Magicite1638d ago

Im pretty sure it won't be Ryse 2. Lets be honest, that game failed.

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Vergil-1638d ago

Hire someone to make your games fun to play, thanks.

hellzsupernova1638d ago

I don't think it met sales expectations to get a sequel.

christocolus1638d ago

Todd pappy + crytek = Ryse2

Fireseed1638d ago

Here's to hopin man! Was delightfully surprised with how much fun Ryse was.

Bodge1638d ago

After their latest game QTE : THE GAME and ruining the Crysis series I couldn't care less of what they have to offer.

BallsEye1638d ago

DId you even play it? It wasn't QTE

xfear2diex1638d ago

so you brought ryse nice 1 more 60$ for crytek
anyway ryse is a good game so is knack stop the hate on both games fanboy the deffrince between them that one for mature and the others for everyone to play

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The story is too old to be commented.