A look at the world’s bestselling video games

BloggedTopics: "Which are the top sellers of all time? We take a look at the top selling videogames ever as of Jan 2014."

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BiggCMan1582d ago

I hate when every one of these lists includes Wii Sports. It was only sold separately in Japan, so obviously there's gonna be 10's of millions of it in the rest of the world since it came with the damn system.

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Milruka1582d ago

people always talk about how well Gran Turismo did yet it was a bundle game as well.

BiggCMan1582d ago

I don't remember GT every being in a bundle. But if so, people still have a choice there.

Buy this Playstation bundle with GT, or buy a normal console/other bundle. Plus the game still sells on it's own primarily, and that goes with any other game.

Wii Sports did not sell separately, and came with every console whether you wanted it or not. There was no other Wii that didn't come with Wii Sports, so it's completely different.

Movieworld1582d ago

Plenty of games have been included with systems. There is no rule against them appearing in charts. Altered beast was included with the megadrive. Dont see that in the top 10....

Gamer19821581d ago

I argee wholeheartedly about wii sports as great as wii bowling was I would have never paid £40 for it and I doubt many would..

DualWielding1581d ago

The question is if Wii Sports count, why not Windows Solitaire or Minesweeper

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Geobros1582d ago

Hmmm...interesting list but from where he took the source for minecraft sales? Also, those numbers are for all consoles, GTA V shouldn't be in that list with fewer sales in PS3 and xbox separately.

If we take a game per console in the first 15 ranks we see Nintendo games....

cellur1111582d ago

I have no idea what you're trying to say.

Geobros1582d ago

I mean that GTA V sold about 15 million copies in xbox and other 15 in PS3, so this article took the total. While Super Mario Bros has sold 40m copies only for one console...NES!! Imagine to have SMB to other consoles too....:P

RGB1581d ago


10th. New Super Mario Bros. (Wii) - Heavily Bundled with Wii in final years in NA and Europe.

9th. Wii Play (Wii) - Sold because it came with a free controller, at the time when controllers were sold out and so was the system. $60 + a $40 pad for sub $60. Smart but yet another bundled title.

8th. Grand Theft Auto V (PS3, X360) - 500K presumed PS3 system bundles, the rest is completely legit sales on merit and not with freebies.

7th. New Super Mario Bros. (NDS) - Heavily bundled with DS systems worldwide for years.

6th. Wii Sports Resort (Wii) - Sold on merit for about 6 months, then bundled with all systems worldwide besides Japan. Didn't sell on Merit.

5th. Minecraft (PC, Smart Phone, X360, PS3) - 13,918,546 PC/Mac users according to (Official site). Over 10 million confirmed on Xbox 360. PS3 version just did over 1 million. Pocket Premium has obviously done the rest. No bundles, completely on merit.

4th. Mario Kart Wii (Wii) - Only title from Nintendo on this list to sell on "merit". It was bundled however and bundled with a peripheral.

3rd. Tetris (GB, GBA) - Heavily bundled in near all markets. GBA sales were the only merited standalone actual sales.

2nd. Super Mario Bros. (NES) - Bundled in early NES years. Came with Duck Hunt too. Duck Hunt was dropped from bundles later in NES' lifetime. Heavily bundled worldwide.

1st. Wii Sports (Wii) - Entirely bundled worldwide with all systems besides Japan. Sales on merit are 15 million at best.

The problem with Nintendo is, they release games bundled (i.e. freebies) and claim sales on merit. No other industry would do that. A giveaway doesn't equal profit / sale. They're doing it now with Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U and Super Mario 3D World. The system is already losing money, and they are giving 3 to 4 games (dependent on region) with the system for free and they still can't get people to buy the system in bulk. Sad.

Up_N_U1581d ago

im sorry dude but you are pretty but hurt from this Mario kart wii sold 20 million b4 it was even bundled hell I remember that and then you have super Mario bros 1985 is like the micheal Jackson thriller to video games. need I say more?

iplay1up21581d ago

It does not change the fact those games were sold. They were figured
Into the price of the console. If you were to go to top 20 video games sold Nintendo is still on top. That is why I laugh when people say Nintendo is going 3rd party.

browngamer411580d ago

What's really sad is that you felt compelled to write a novel about Nintendo's software sales only to come back to a singular conclusion-the best selling games of all time belong to Nintendo-good sh*t..

deafdani1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I understand your point, but this list isn't restricted to single-console games. It just talks about the best selling games, and that includes games released on multiple platforms.

That's why Minecraft is also there, and that one released in a lot of things: PC, PS3, 360, Android, iPhone, etc.

And while Nintendo has a lot of games that sold more than 20 million copies in a single console, GTA V's numbers aren't to be scoffed at. 15 million sales per console is ridiculously impressive, especially for a third party game.

ninjahunter1582d ago

Minecraft, when amateur devs get really lucky edition.

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