Eight Best Moments From 'Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor' Gameplay Video

8CN: Yesterday saw the release of a gameplay walkthrough video for the upcoming Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Needless to say, there are plenty of awesome moments in the video, but I've picked out the eight coolest moments and GIF'd them for easy spreading on the internet!

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thorstein1634d ago

I am so intrigued by this game! I love LOTR, and now a proper LOTR game would be excellent. There have been some great LOTR games, and some (esp on consoles) not so great ones.

Hope this is something to enjoy!

Summons751634d ago

Yeah, this looks like something really enjoyable

xxxGEOxxx1634d ago

I was pretty hyped for this game after reading the Game Informer article on it, but it became one of my top 5 anticipated titles after watching the gameplay video!

jdktech20101634d ago

Same but I don't know about top 5...but it went on my probably will buy list. I've been trying to keep that list in check too.

Looks like AC, Batman Arkham and LOTR action mixed in one which is a fantastic package. If the story can hold up and that nemesis feature is as cool as it sounds, this could be a surprise game this year.

xxxGEOxxx1634d ago

Fair enough, but like I said, for me, top five coming out next year next to (in no particular order) The Witcher, Infamous: Second Son, Destiny and The Order

robtion1634d ago

Really hope they release some more info, vids, etc. I want to see how good this Nemesis system is. Lots of potential, super excited to play this game.