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There is no question that the platformer has been done to death. While far-off from its hay-day, the modern platformer is often a dime a dozen especially among the indie-developer crowd. While other games like Braid or Trine 2 focused on elaborate gameplay mechanics, Mike Bithell (working alongside with Bossa and Curve Studios) focused Thomas was Alone solely around humor and a well-written story to set it apart from the mediocre masses.

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sweendog1636d ago

What a game. Loved this from start to finish. Was so deep story wise and a real head scratcher game play wise.

SpiralTear1636d ago

Agreed. Incredible way to make real characters out of figures that don't even have faces.

1636d ago
Rask1636d ago

Amazing game, best indie i've ever played.

no_more_heroes1636d ago

Just started playing this again after getting my new laptop and re-installing Steam. The commentary is just as engrossing as I remember.

Got as far as three levels in with Claire last time, will finish the whole game this time.

Venox20081635d ago

a really great game, loved it