Can the Wii U survive this console generation? [VIDEO]

An article on Wii U Daily reads:

Nintendo has had a rough time since recently lowering their Wii U sales expectations, and several media outlets and consumers are about ready to count it out of the latest console generation. To truly understand the Wii U’s current situation, one must also understand how it got here. Check out my thoughts on the Wii U’s journey in the video below.

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EliteGameKnight1755d ago

possibly, even if it has very low sales, it could still be profitable. Time will have to tell

wonderfulmonkeyman1755d ago

Agreed. After all, it still has yet to have its big hit title, and i know quite a few who are still waiting for certain games to hit before picking up a wii u.

FlyingFoxy1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

I think so too, Mk8 will boost sales a lot.

I really wish there were some adult games though, i never got to play the original Conker.. and even though it's humor is a bit immature i found some cutscenes on youtube pretty funny.

Too bad there is no Conker or BK, i think a lot of people would buy a Wii U if they had the original Rare team back.

I just want to play something different and fun, there's too many "samey" games these days, or games being too realistic which spoils the fun IMO.

1754d ago
BoneBone1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

yes. Video says the casual crowd has gone, but that theory hasn't even been tested properly yet. They first need to get their stuff together in marketing, advertising and communicating what the Wii U is.

Here in the UK, Nintendo used lots of popular household celebrities to advertise Wii Original, like Jamie & Louise Redknapp and Ant & Dec ... ... ... SO DO THE SAME WITH THE WII U NINTENDO... it really isn't that difficult.

BosSSyndrome1755d ago

What reason does a casual have to pay hundreds of dollars to play wii sports in hd, which means nothing to them, when all their gaming needs are met by their phone or tablet. Casual gamers have absolutely no incentive to buy consoles anymore.


Your social life must be jam packed being friends with EVERY casual gamer in the world.

Oh wait....

BoneBone1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

There are other new games. Using Wii sports as an example it's HD, has online play, join your local club, and is now motion plus. Wii Fit U is an outstanding package too. Then there's Joy Sound Karaoke. You can't play phones anything like you can with a balance board and wiimotes on a TV.

truechainz1755d ago

I think this was a very good video. I agree with almost everything that was said in it. The only thing I disagree with is the concept that Nintendo needs to make games for the "core" gamer. I think the core/casual breakdown of gamers is far to broad and poorly defined. When you ask people what makes a core game or gamer, you get 20 different definitions. That kind of lack of clarity won't be helpful when trying to understand your consumer.

Nintendo's marketing team needs to develop a more nuanced breakdown of the gamer market and use that to develop and market their products.

I have little hope for this to happen to be honest because it seems Nintendo's marketing team is the most misguided group and possibly a big piece of the mistakes that have been made since the wii U was announced.

I do absolutely agree with the point that wii u should be looking at other underdogs. I think this is a prime time to pick up more support from indie and smaller studios. Nintendo should especially be using some of their money to acquire some of these teams with unique visions to develop both the less commonly used Nintendo IP's (Starfox, F-Zero) and also bring about new creative visions for Nintendo to use.

Sorry for the long winded response. It is rare to get someone making a solid unbiased analysis of Nintendo, and I wish more articles and videos could present their information in this manner.

V0LT1755d ago

Their big mistake was launching some key titles almost 2 years after the system was launched. i.e Mario Kart.

MasterCornholio1755d ago

It can but Nintendo needs to get system sellers on it soon.

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