No Man’s Sky News: 5 Things To Know About The Game That Could Change Everything

No Man's Sky got everyone's attention at the VGX Awards. Here's five things you need to know about the upcoming sci-fi epic from Hello Games.

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gamesR4fun1700d ago

am i the only one hyped for this games potential?

a08andan1700d ago

Nopes :D I can't wait! I will definitely buy this!

3-4-51700d ago

You seriously think your the only person in existence who wants to play this game ??

This game looks epic!

gamesR4fun1700d ago

the question was a bit rhetorical as in for lolz

but ya glad ta see it getting a little love still here on n4g the article says the games on track for release inspite of the flood so good news for all ya

Vergil-1700d ago

The ambition is strong with this one...

pandehz1700d ago

Support them in twitter.

They took the flood quite positively.

Reaon1700d ago

Wow, with so much exploring to do you'd almost call it No Man's Skyrim.

pandehz1700d ago

Ermm dont bring it down.

Skyrim is miniscule in comparison.

Reaon1700d ago

Was just a silly pun. I know this game is much bigger, but when it came out, skyrim was considered pretty freaking large (if not sizewise, then timewise. Can easily clock 200+ hours, as I expect you also could in this game, hence the pun).

aliengmr1700d ago

Worth noting that this isn't the "first" attempt at creating a procedural universe at a massive scale. It will probably be the first full on game to do that. Space engine has a procedural universe.

That isn't meant to downplay what these want to create, it will definitely be unique.

Just kind of sucks that it took so long for this idea to finally get noticed. I was hyped since those Infinity tech demos were released years back.

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