PS4 Prepares to Conquer Japan with “Play & Peace” Campaign to "Unite the World with Play"

We’re less than a month away from the much awaited Japanese release of the PS4 and Sony launched a new promotional campaign oddly named “Play & Peace.” The campaign will include promotions and events building up to and following the launch day of the console in the archipelago of the rising sun.

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first1NFANTRY1705d ago

Sony has really stepped up their marketing especially with the PS4. Best thing about that is they didn't have to pay youtubers for it. It's all positive consumer response.

Thepharaoh1705d ago

I wish they would take this initiative with the vita it's very high quality the only problem is that the people who would be interested don't really know about it

cleft51705d ago

The marketing that Sony is doing now makes you feel good about owning a Sony product. They are doing a fantastic job and you can tell it was all well planned out.

Army_of_Darkness1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Sony probably felt unstoppable after the success of the ps2, only to realize that the market can easily shift if the timing, planning, tech(difficult for Dev.) and price is off in comparison to the competition..
But now, it's clear as glass that Sony has corrected all their mistakes from last Gen to strengthen their gaming department for this gen cause it's one of the few departments that are keeping Sony alive and well.

As for conquering Japan, LOL! that was a given.

GentlemenRUs1705d ago

"Best thing about that is they didn't have to pay youtubers for it. It's all positive consumer response."

Isn't that the truth :P

Long live SONY!

5eriously1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Honesty, transparency and a good consumers ear listening to the gamers needs are the key to the success. Thanks and respect to Sony and Cerny!

M$ could learn a lot from this but their arrogance and propensity to deceive and deceit will prevent them from doing just that!

miyamoto1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

No Japan. No win for M$

M$ Xbone has already lost all before they even started. And Japan is one of the big reasons.

All the most successful consoles so far has done very well in Japan-the cradle of modern video games.

I wonder if Micro$cam's cable strategy would even work for all these 13 countries they launched at.
13 countries is pretty telling how the rest of the world hates Xbox and welcomes PlayStation.
M$cam has cornered itself because of their dumbness.

M$ strategy is make an inferior product and spend more money in PR stunts.

M$ has ruined video games as we know it.
Time to purify the industry this generation, PS4.

DigitalRaptor1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Well said. If Microsoft were more open and honest, they would be more respected, but at the same time, they wouldn't be able to get away with half of what they do to deceive consumers and provide detriment to this industry and its participants.

@ Miyamoto

Microsoft's design and strategy of what they wanted to accomplish for the Xbone is only relevant in the United States, a market that they're currently not dominating, this gen. These choices mean that their focus on non-gaming has directly impacted the gaming potential of their console in the long-term, as much as the loyalists like to argue that it hasn't.

They will never acquire global acumen and good will, or organically expand their gaming brand across the globe if they carry on. Xbox division needs a re-boot, and not a non-gaming focused one.

Thepharaoh1705d ago

When the thing sells out in japan and the JRPG developers get wind of it i hope they don;t forget to make English versions of their games for the rest of us.

cleft51705d ago

I second that to the max.

Aleithian1705d ago

Consider learning Japanese. It's easy to buy Japanese games on the PS4.

Learning the language isn't as hard as you might think. Assuming you have the time, immersion and efficient study will get you there after a couple of years.

That said, I second your comment.

king_george1705d ago

I actually wanna learn to speak it too but asking someone to learn an entire new language is a bit much dont ya think haha? But yeah i third his comment

Aleithian1705d ago

@king_george. Hence my last sentence. I suggested the value of learning Japanese while agreeing with his desire for English translations.

dcj05241705d ago

The speech part of japanese isn't that hard. Neither is hiragana or katakana. Its the damn Kanji that made me rage quit. I hate Kanji so much.

Aleithian1705d ago

@dcj0524. Kanji are a pain. A piece of advice I received today was to imagine kanji as pictures, and draw them as such. That will help recall.

For instance, in the case of 人 (person) imagine a head at the top and feet at the bottom. For 大 (big) imagine the person but now with hands on either side, as if showing "this big." For 火 (fire), imagine the kanji surrounded by fire (the two lines are sort of like embers). For 日 (sun), imagine that the kanji is a window through which you can see the sun.

It gets crazy, because how are you supposed to use this method for something like 前 (before)? But it is used successfully for Chinese, so just invent little stories or pictures for each. It sucks, because the Japanese spend over 10 years learning just the basic kanji. We have to do it in a year or two.

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corroios1705d ago

Huge problem. Where will they get consoles to sell also in japan. Because we all know that they are «crazy» and the demand must be BIG....

DragonKnight1705d ago

They've probably been setting aside units for the Japan launch.

DigitalRaptor1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

It's fantastic. "Unite the World with Play" just sounds right.

"Long Live Play" and "For the Players", are the still best ones in my opinion.

Metallox1705d ago

Sounds interesting. Sony today has the best marketing in the console business. Japanese developers will be pleased.

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