One of the World’s rarest video games listed for $7,000 on eBay

One of the rarest games ever to be created in the history of video games, a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game cartridge, Nintendo World Champions, was recently listed on eBay for an astounding $7,000.

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pat_11_51640d ago

I still don't understand how someone could possible spend this much on a game.

TomShoe1640d ago

Hey, it's a collector's item.

You want to know a more recent super rare game? NBA Elite 11. The game was canceled right before it was about to release. It's worth nearly $700 now.

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majiebeast1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Its now at 90K something smells fishy, because for one its not the rarer gold world championship cart and 2 the label is ripped off. No real collector will pay 90K for a world championship cart let alone 1 with a ripped off label.

optimus1640d ago

I really don't get how they base these evaluations on old games...i can understand a full game with very limited copies or different characters such as the original revenge of shinobi for the genesis... Or those limited gold cartridges floating around. Or when a developer adds some easter eggs on 30 copies of their game...But this cartridge has 3 games with a timer on them, a demo cartridge basically. I don't see any phillips 3do games being collectables seeing as how not many were sold and therefore not would be interesting to see who would actually pay that much for this cartridge.
Now that i think about it, i don't think there are any collectible games released in the last 2 generations.

hellzsupernova1640d ago

The only one that comes to mind is that fortune hunters uncharted 2 collectors edition, that you had to win and there was only a few made

rainslacker1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

A games value is directly based on what people are willing to pay for it. If there are a sizable number of people willing to pay $5K for a game, then it's worth $5K. Then there is the rarity of the game, and the desirability of it based on the things you listed.

In general, it's the collector's community that determines the value, but a more recent phenomenon is some collector's exaggerating the value to make it seem more collectible, thus boosting the price among the layman collectors that don't research availability.

There are a few collectible games released over the last couple gens. They're mostly RPG's or games that had a limited run and a cult following. Things like Metroid Prime Trilogy and Xenoblade were collectible within their generation, at least until GS reprinted them.

Often times, it's hard to tell how collectible a game will be down the line. Many people may be surprised how much some PS3/360 games may be worth in 5-10 years. However, the digital market is having a direct impact on these prices, as it makes the games available to those not willing to pay collector's prices.

optimus1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

@rainslacker... Metroid prime trilogy was for the gamecube i believe... I was talking mainly about anything during or after the 360/ps3...the so called collectables that are released today are mostly games that come with booklets, pins, downloadable content,...nothing like the 8 and 16 bit era... For the reasons i stated... As for digital downloads affecting the price of a game, well that depends really... Take marvel vs. Capcom 2 for instance, they re-released it as a download but the game disk managed to maintain value as it was/is a rare find.

As for rpg,s ...i feel those are a nitch market, (at least in the u.s.) i could order rpg's from japan all day and they would all be rare collectibles to me but not to the hardcore rpg collector...the point is that developers for today's systems don't put a unique "signature" within their games anymore...

The closest thing to a collectible game that i have is i had my copy of gears of war 2 signed by cliffy b and the other guy when i went to the midnight release for the game in hollywood a few yrs back... Doubt it would be worth more than $30 today since cliffy b ended up becoming disliked after that....

I suppose if hideo kojima and miyamoto would announce that they were working on their final games and retiring for good then i would think those games would become collectibles in that regard.

rainslacker1639d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Metroid Prime 1-3 was a GC game and then there was a trilogy version released in a steelbook for the Wii, which is the one I was talking about. It is considered a collectible even today due to the steel book edition, and until recently it was the only way to get the game, as it was exclusive to GS and had a very limited run. However, GameStop did reprint the game and tried to milk the consumer on it's collectibility like they did with Xenoblade. I haven't really paid attention since they did so to see how it's affected prices.

As far as digital affecting price of collectible games, your right, there is an inherent price stability to physical games, however, the prices can go down when released digitally. It's just the way it is, as collector's want physical games, and you can't really collect digital and have much to show for it.

RPG's may be a niche market, but collecting itself is a niche market. Look at the prices of most RPG's from last gen. The things from NIS or Atlas are the ones that get the highest price. The reason is they have a limited pressing, and overall people tend to keep them.

Rarity isn't always an issue either. Pokemon games are rather common, not hard to find at all, but still hold a fairly high price for the long term.

It seems we have a different definition of what is collectible. I consider collectible games any game that has some sort of value to me. Then of course, as a completionist, I collect any game I can get my hands on if the price is right.

There are quite a few very limited versions of games that come with memoribilia that pull in high prices. Things like the Ni No Kuni Wizards edition, or the Uncharted 3 dev edtion(the one with the knife-forget the name). Overall though, a games collectibility still isn't always apparent until well after the generation is over. Sometimes the games collectibility is even determined to how people end up talking about it later, and then it garners interest from the rest of the community.

ScubaSteve11640d ago

The label is missing, 2 it has Mario written on it. Unless people are stupid or this guy is clever about it's the world championship, unless it's a Mario game.

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