Inside a Broken Xbox One Headset

Brian O'Donnell writes: "A The Adult Gamer forum poster by the name of MrZwij posted a series of pictures form the inside of his broken Xbox One headset. The user claims that the headset arrived broken, allowing him only to listen but not respond to the people in his party (yes he had enable the party chat function). Upon its dis-assembly, MrZwij found no frayed wires or cracked chips, implying that the unit was defective on shipment."

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XiSasukeUchiha1663d ago

Ok have that repair by MS customer service oh wait........
...... nvm

1663d ago
sgtGanGreen1663d ago

So what? I broke mine first day on purpose. Cut wires to make headset adapter lol

famoussasjohn1663d ago

lol I saw people selling the home made adapters for like $60 on Amazon.