GTA 5 on PC - why the evidence is too strong to ignore

GamesRadar - GTA 5 is coming to PC. Well, that's what an increasing amount of evidence (and no small dose of common sense) is pointing to. Despite this, Rockstar is yet to officially announce the game for PC. It's something I've been talking about for months on CVG's GTAVoclock, and similarly, the latest and most intriguing information comes from a leaked developer document that has been in the public domain since September last year. The 150-page bug log details every major change made to Rockstar’s open-world epic from April 2009 to August 2013--with reference to a ‘PC version’ from June 2012.

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Kurisu1700d ago

Then once the PC version is out they'll start working on a definitive edition for next gen consoles. Gotta get funding for GTA VI somehow!

SneakyDoo1699d ago

"Gotta start funding for GTA VI sometime"? Haha, Rockstar has more than enough money to budget GTA VI.

We all know it's coming to PC soon, why else would Take2 (the publishers of Rockstar Games) remove the alleged leaked PC footage of GTA V, due to "copy write".