Housemarque: PlayStation 4 Is The Supreme Platform

Housemarque's Mikael Haveri confirms that for a lot of developers, PlayStation 4 is the supreme platform in terms of technology.

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TheUltimateGamer1491d ago

Technology, I'll agree sure.. I just wish there were more first party games that drew my interest! My PS4 has hardly been used since launch week. I would also have liked to see them be a little more innovative with their tech. It's solid, absolutely but they played it too safe in my opinion.

WeAreLegion1491d ago

Have you played War Thunder?

Imp0ssibl31491d ago

War Thunder has been on PC since 2012, it's hardly a selling point for the PS4.

Prime1571491d ago

Imp0ssibl3, you'd be surprised how many good fee to play games get skipped over because they are f2p on pc. For awhile, f2p was considered bad and all were labeled pay to win. Good (I stress good) f2p games are still fighting that battle, even though it can be done right and done well.

truefan11491d ago

People should just stick with more powerful console, this whole supreme/best/.... is all opinion. The supreme console should have supreme exclusives for launch and in 2014, not a bunch of indy games and rehashed exclusives. No disrespect to the indy games, but no one pays excess of $400 to play indies.

WeAreLegion1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

He doesn't need a selling point. He already bought one. I was just asking if he had played it.

Army_of_Darkness1491d ago

"while high-end PCs are actually more powerful than PlayStation 4, their power cannot be exploited completely unless the developer decided to cut off 90% or so of the potential customers with lower end machines. In terms of fixed platforms, PlayStation 4 is the most powerful of all, as proven constantly by the resolution/frame rate dramas involving multiplatform games"

Well put... I think we all can agree with that ;-)

gamer20131491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Been playing that game since patch 1.27 and it had a lot of potential at one time. Gaijin are greedy and have been finding ways ever since to lengthen progression times.

This latest patch 1.37 is by far the worst. Grind was increased by 250%! Instead of grinding to a certain level and possibly unlocking a bunch of planes to purchase and fly we now have to grind out each individual plane that we want to fly. Past rank 3 unlocking planes takes just as long as it did to unlock a higher tier pre 1.37! The game is no longer fun to play it's become a tedious money sink. Nothing to boast about really.

TheGreatAndPowerful1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

The supreme being!


Lilu Dallas multipass!

FamilyGuy1490d ago

Lol, 5th Element references.

Can't wait to see these guys next game and that Resogun DLC.

TomShoe1490d ago

*sniff sniff*

Do I smell an acquisition?

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GarrusVakarian1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

"I just wish there were more first party games that drew my interest! "

I agree, it would have been great if Infamous SS and Driveclub were launch exclusives, but i'd rather have them a few months after launch being much more polished, refined and simply better games.... than have them rushed to meet launch. But that's just me. I know for some people, here and now is all that matters (that's not a dig at you, btw).

Sethry1011491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I love the PS4, but so far all I have on it is Resogun and AC4.

I am excited to get:
The Order 1886
Tom Clancy The Division
Watch Dogs
Infamous: Second Son
MLB 2014: The Show

But I really hope they do announce more exclusives.

prettyboy121491d ago

dont forget we get outlast in february for free on ps4

NukaCola1491d ago

AC4 is amazing. I am really impressed how massive and filling the world is.

quaneylfc1491d ago

"Nice, more than happy with 1080p and a solid 30fps, especially from an open world game with graphics like this. No more horrible current gen (or should i say last gen ;p) dips below 30fps."

this was your quote from a past article. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and I'm the hypocrite?

GarrusVakarian1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )


I don't understand why you quoted me on that. If anything, that reinforces what i just said above....if Infamous SS was a launch game, they might not have been able to lock it at 30fps.....So im glad it wasn't a launch title. ( I was never expecting 60fps from Infamous SS...if that's what you're getting at?)

Lmao, nice try on trying to humiliate me, actually pick a comment that is hypocritical next time! Haha.

BoriboyShoGUN1490d ago

@ Sethry, wheres Warframe, DC Universe, Contrast, Dont Starve?

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OrangePowerz1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Not sure how you manage that, I have 17 games for it and constatnly use it.

As for first party, they have been busy making PS3 games and the ones that come out soon I rather have later instead of rushed and ending up like BF4 just to meet a deadline.

GarrusVakarian1491d ago

17 games?!?

But i thought it had no games!!! What is this time travelling wizardry?

Alexious1491d ago

That's exactly right. Of course, Sony could have had a much more impressive PlayStation 4 lineup...But that would have meant porting games such as The Last of Us, Gran Turismo 6, Puppeteer, etc., which would have then made less money overall.

They made the right choice. Sony had three platforms to support in 2013 and they did a great job. Obviously, now all those studios will be rocking PS4 games.

OrangePowerz1491d ago

I like a lot of different genres that's why I got a lot of them. Still have to get NBA2k and Lego Marvel besides of Tomb Raider since I missed that one last year.

That year will be difficult because there is still Dark Souls 2 and FFX HD (not sure about lightning returns) coming. Will be a busy first half of the year.

GamingNerd0131491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I take it u don't play BF4 COD G AC4 NFSR and all the the downloadable games. really sad if u only got ps4 4 exclusive when there other games u can enjoy. I got my PS4 to play not only exclusives but other games as well and I'm having a blast playing them.

TheUltimateGamer1491d ago

I very much like all of those games but prefer the Xbox One controller so I play them over there.. Hence the "First Party" issue I have. I'm waiting for something quality ONLY on PS4. It just hasn't happened yet.

PeaSFor1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

"I just wish there were more first party games that drew my interest! My PS4 has hardly been used since launch week....but prefer the Xbox One controller so I play them over there"

Im pretty much in the same boat than you but in a parallel universe.

I wish there were more first party games on Xbox that would drew my interest other than DeadRising but meh...not even THAT interested anyway, my PS4 has been heavily used since launch week and also prefer the PS4 controller so i play first&third party games over there, also have a gaming pc so even the mighty TitanFall wont even be a justification to purchase the XboxOne yet.I'm waiting for something quality ONLY on Xbox. It just hasn't happened yet, maybe next year i guess.

quaneylfc1491d ago

I don't like these flamer articles they're so biased, obviously posted by a fanboy that's always in the xbox one vs ps4 threads stating Their "opinionated facts."
This is my take on both consoles with which (is not better) which I'm more comfortable with.

The playstation does NOT have a better controller, its nice n comfy but the joysticks are badly made and are made with a horrible material, i couldn't for the life of me sprint by clicking them down, like on the ps3. The xbox one on the other hand had thick sturdy holes in the joysticks allowing my thumbs to press against a rubber wall and allowing me to sprint - The Xbox one wins

Hardware, the playstation lost for me again because size isn't a difference, my black flag kept freezing until i had to take it back to the shop and the fans don't stop it from getting hot and they are still loud. The xbox one on the other-hand is big, it still fits in my shelf so that's not a problem (biased sorry.) It is vertually silent and cool as a cucumber. (Even when i accidently left it on all night) - The xbox one wins

games library (this is biased, sorry.) I like shooters, the order and infamous are on my list, but so are quantum break (My most anticipated title), Titanfall and Sunset overdrive - the xbox one wins.

software, the playstation wins this because of the share button. The xbox's voice commands are good (when they work) BUT!! the xbox recording mode has a few glitches. When i record bf4 videos, they don't stay on or are only 1 second long, needs patching ms!!! - the playstation 4 wins

online, Playstation plus versus an up and running launch week? the Xbox wins 51-49 I say the launch week was well handled and i will have to keep it fair for the plus option because games with gold will be introduced soon - The xbox one wins

overall. I spent a lot of money on both and i have to make this clear, if you judge between these two consoles out of power you are just an idiot. they are both the same (0-0), the xbox CAN get 1080p, It is just complicated t achieve (XBOX -1) (1-0 playsation 4)

The Xbox one box is sturdier, quieter and cooler (1-1)

I am more interested in the Xbox one's library by 1 game even now i find myself on the xbox one more because of ryse and dead rising 3 (without including AAA's) (2-1 xbox one)

The Xbox one's controller is miles better for playing, the playsations innovations can't save it from badly designed tumbsticks (3-1 xbox one)

The PS4 has less buggy software and a better share button (3-2 Xbox one)

The xbox WILL have games with gold and The servers are managed better (4-2 xbox one)

The xbox wins in numbers (Without the biased games bit it would still have won by one point) with the xbox, i have been on it more due to the more appealing exclusives and with the voice commands and the minimising menu , the xbox one didn't just feel like an upgrade, it felt like a successor.

to say again, I OWN BOTH CONSOLES. i tried to implement as much evidence as i could to get this sounding as genuine as possible, if you disagree, start a discussion on why. Don't call me stupid names or dislike me for no reason.

skoorydook1491d ago

Not being funny but all the evidence in the world points to the PS4 having better hardware, it is one of the only things not open to debate.

Would be like someone trying to say the PS4 is more innovative than the X1 when it clearly isn't

GarrusVakarian1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

"always in the xbox one vs ps4 threads stating Their "opinionated facts."

So we have established you dislike people stating their opinionated facts.

You then go go on to say -

"The playstation does NOT have a better controller"

"the xbox one wins."

"the playstation 4 wins "

"The Xbox one's controller is miles better for playing"

"they are both the same "

Sorry, i just found that humorous.

"i tried to implement as much evidence as i could"

The vast majority of what you said was either wrong or your personal opinion.

Another thing - "i couldn't for the life of me sprint by clicking them down, like on the ps3"

......What? You couldn't click down the thumb stick? An ant could press down on those sticks without breaking a sweat lol. I can't tell if that's supposed to be a joke or not. And if it's not....then im sorry, but i can't take the argument of someone who finds it hard to press down an analogue stick seriously.

"The Xbox one box is sturdier, quieter and cooler"

Actually, while gaming, the PS4 is cooler.

Prime1571491d ago

I'm glad you enjoy your xbox, but half of your points have no technical measurements about them, and the other half are opinions. You never had to read the article...

I have a ps4 and my roommates have an x1 in the living room that I use (she got one for free, the bish), so I understand and respect your opinions (even though I disagree with many). However, stop parading your opinions as facts.

This was about the tech INSIDE the ps4 which we have hard evidence on paper AND benchmark testing about it being a very capable system in the hands of millions of people... You took that WAY out of context.

KwietStorm1491d ago

So you jump on and criticize someone for "opinionated facts," before going on a tl;dr rant with your own statements that clearly are just preference, nothing more, nothing less. Do you have enough iron(y) in your diet?

Gamer-401491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

+ 1 agree my friend.

Both consoles cool (Ps4/X1), but my first next-gen console X1, the not in too distant future, Ps4 later, dared for me till now unconvincing.

I rehearsed both consoles and the games. Firstly it X1 I decided.

GarrusVakarian1491d ago


"Do you have enough iron(y) in your diet?"

Haha, thanks for the laugh. +Funny bubbs.

quaneylfc1491d ago

HAHA Exactly my point! What I wrote WAS opinionated, I DID NOT SAY IT WASN'T. It was called "MY TAKE." I personally don't know what person's "TAKE" on something wouldn't be opinionated, but that didn't stop people blowing a simple (yet large) opinionated comment situation out of proportion. Because I insulted their joysticks or their network. I truly am sorry.

If you didn't understand it ( And the evidence favours this,)I will explain: This comment was about BIASED COMMENTS. (BIASED MEANS ONE SIDED OK?.

as an owner of both:

(That means have bought both consoles from the shops and have them in my house, ok?)

I think the representation of people's opinions on these two machines are ridiculously one sided, it all depends on what you own. It reminds me of to kids in the middle of toys R us having a war of decepticons vs autobots.


yes i am implying that you are all idiots (A STUPID PERSON. THE S MAKES IT PLURAL SO...STUPID PEOPLE, ok?)

liquidhalos1490d ago

I've got a PS4, I wasn't aware the thumb sticks were bad, mines fantastic, when I click I sprint and when I move the character moves accordingly.

Maybe I have a faulty DS4?


your whole spiel is based on opinionated rubbish, just like you accused the article of. And to think i almost believed you. You Cheeky monkey.

Cuzzo631490d ago

Console racism at it's finest.

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Riderz13371491d ago

What is the point of having a big blockbuster "system seller" game at launch? If Sony had released Uncharted 4, God of War 4 GT7 etc all at launch, the PS4 would STILL have only sold 4.2M units, simply because they are SOLD OUT.

From a business standpoint, it is utterly stupid to release all your big guns on launch day. That's why we are getting games like infamous, driveclub the order etc a couple of months after release. After the hype has gone down and there is more stock.

kaiserfranz1491d ago

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Every game simply sells a lot less on any new hardware, because the install base is just beginning to ramp up. That's why games like Uncharted or Halo are better off released 1-2 years after launch.

TheUltimateGamer1491d ago

I completely understand and agree with the business end of it. I'm just waiting for "that game." They are absolutely playing it smart but I've lost interest for the time being. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the PS4 flourish the way the PS3 did. It's going to be an incredible system once it get support!

come_bom1491d ago

I have too agree. The PS4 is a good gaming device, but until now there is nothing that really appeals to me. Maybe when the release Infamous...

TheUltimateGamer1491d ago

Infamous is absolutely one that I will go for. I'm really looking forward to getting back to the PS4!

webeblazing1491d ago

i think they mean console platform. and their completely wrong in this article about pc fanbase. why theyre more than 5% pledging and funding for star citizen and a lot of other games, if they cant run it. people are not going to up grade every year but its hardly any game that too demanding out their. which is saying something since gfx have been getting better and better on pc. on topic ps4 is a great console, can wait to see what games sonys devs come up with. im also interested in what happens this year. like what new features, new devs, and devs leaving sony.

kopicha1491d ago


with your comments then indies should avoid XO completely. because people who pay $500 would never want to play indie games. i should really share your view to those indie dev.

boy that is a really stupid and dumb logic to say at least. talking about rehash exclusives, not only PS4 has it, its the same for XO too. So what is your point here again? To be honest, Sony have some of the best 1st party studios atm. Even way more than what M$ have at least up to this point of time. I dont think people who got a PS4 need to worry much about exclusive games as well as new IPs considering how far Sony is willing to go in terms of bring different types of games for their consumers. And that is a fact already since we are already into next gen now. Look at how many different types of PS3 exclusives there are compared to 360. There is simply no match in that area. No to mention the quality of those games. GOTYs year after year. If you really want to talk about rehash, based on history 360 = Halo > Gears > Fable > Forza > repeat > repeat > repeat > repeat > repeat for almost the entire generation. It is just silly to base on what you see in 2014 to assume "best" games. Like you have said it yourself, supreme/best/.... is all opinion. Some indies make really good games too. Back in 360 days, look at how M$ brag about MineCraft on 360 in almost every E3? And mine you that is indie too.

gamer20131491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Halo> Gears> Fable> Forza > repeat? You don't read the news do you? MS has invested 1 billion into games development for the X1 and has an excellent stable of upcoming and still unannounced exclusives; most of which are brand new IP's btw.

The days of "Sony has all the games" are gone now. Most of the IP's that separated Playstation from everyone else have gone multi-plat since the introduction of the 360. It's all about money now and MS is in a far better position than Sony is. There will be a lot of trading places this generation between these two consoles it should be really interesting to watch. MS has had a bad start no doubt but when all those games start rolling out it all will be long forgotten.

kopicha1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )


Dont need to talk about money here. I do read news, more like you aint kept up to date on Sony news and probably didnt know Sony are also working on a lot of exclusive unannounced new IPs as well. Pointless to talk about money here when Sony already have the best Stable behind the scene while the investment that M$ is doing now with that money is basically playing catch up game. Even Phil Spencer dont deny the fact that Sony have great studios. Sony also did mention they are going to be more aggressive on pushing out more new IPs this gen than they did last gen. So what is your point here?

SonofGod1490d ago

You just said that you wished that there was a bit more to the PS4, just a little bit. That will not be tolerated. Heretic, infidel!

Oh I mean Xbone sucks!

PS4 is the future and the future is PS4. I am dedicated and shall now drink some kool aid to show my dedication.

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WeAreLegion1491d ago

Can't wait to see more from them. I'd love to see a first person option for Dead Nation 2.

Alexious1491d ago

Me too, although they might fear to alienate some of their fanbase with that decision. We'll see.

KwietStorm1491d ago

No no no. If they absolutely had to change it for whatever reason, I'd much rather it be third person than another first person shooter. It would fit the game better too, giving you a better awareness of your surroundings.

Blastoise1491d ago

These guys have got talent. If Sony bought these guys it would be money well spent

kaiserfranz1491d ago

That's actually a great idea, I don't think they would cost a lot. Then again, they already have their support..

stavrami1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Less talkie more workie

captainexplosion1491d ago

Great studio. I want a steroscopic 3D mode and a endless mode added as DLC for Resogun. I also want Resogun Vita. I wish they would have done a cross buy Super Star Dust PS4 version too. I would love to play it in 1080P 3D on PS4.