Why Four Versus One? Evolve’s Creators Share The Reason

Game Informer - It’s no accident that Left 4 Dead and Evolve feature four-player teams. Turtle Rock explains why.

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1609d ago
MARKSMAN71361609d ago

Man I'm freaking excited for this game, I'm really liking the next gen attempts at being different, now of course in the past games like this have been made but come on now not to this extend. Now if they show a collectors edition I'll be all set!

erathaol1609d ago (Edited 1609d ago )

Same, I dug around and now I'm hyped for this game.

What I've found indicates a skilled combat game with the 3 men versus 1 monster. Each monster is unique and evolves over the length of the hunt and that each hunter has his own unique play style/gear.

Gonna be a nice change of pace for an FPS.

KillrateOmega1609d ago

I cannot wait to be the monster >:D

SilentNegotiator1609d ago

For games like L4D that require close co-operation, 4 is a perfect number. Any less and things would go straight downhill with as little as one bad player and any more and you'd face the danger of matches that aren't full often enough.

SoulSercher6201608d ago

I'm actually really interested in this game. People shouldn't be dismissing as just another shooter. Read the GI article and you'll see why.