PS4 server stress tests for Battlefield 4 come two months too late

Gimme Gimme Games writes that while its nice that DICE is finally taking the online issues with the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 more seriously and conducting server stress tests this weekend, that its far too late for early adopters who feel like they paid for a beta rather than a finished game.

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boldscot1701d ago

Does this mean I'll actually get the incoming missile sound before the damn missile has hit me?

4logpc1701d ago

Dont be silly. Unless you are a premium member, you will never get that sound.

Majin-vegeta1701d ago

I'm just gonna join to see if i can get the damn DICE dog tags >:)

Grimhammer001701d ago

Don't care about early poo heads. Game plays pretty well for me. Little lag here and there. But I'm glad I waited to jan to pick it up.

BattleReach1701d ago

The game works very good here. I Really enjoy the multiplayer, I always played BF3 on my 360, but BF4 on PS4 is so much better. Can play it for hours and hours straight.

Detoxx1701d ago

I played on the test server for 3 rounds.

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