Rampant Sales are Good for Players, and That’s Good for Creators

GIZORAMA - Say there’s this game you’ve been thinking about buying. It’s not at the top of your wish list but it looks interesting. You’re looking for something new to play so you go ahead and buy it. You play it and enjoy it. The very next day you discover some disheartening news. The game you just paid full price for? Steam sale! Fifty percent off! Stings a little, doesn’t it? But did you just get screwed? Indie game creator Jason Rohrer thinks you did and he’s determined to shield his fans from this type of pain, even at the expense of revenue and potential new fans.

In a recent post on the web site for his latest game, The Castle Doctrine, Rohrer outlines his pricing plan while going into lengthy detail about the reasoning behind it. The plan actually consists of two separate yet intertwined parts: a long term pricing structure and a vow to never discount the game as part of a sales event. The long term pricing structure is mostly logical and seems to be a pretty good idea. The vow? Not so much.

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