EA and YouTube producers broke FTC rules with Battlefield 4 promotion

LevelCapGaming, FrankieOnPC, JackFrags, all took money from EA to say good things about BF4, without any disclosure.

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GribbleGrunger1639d ago

Well that's their reputation down the YouTubes.

iamnsuperman1639d ago

Basically it really. YouTubers live off reputation. These have run the risk and I think it will backfire. People like honest YouTubers

Garethvk1639d ago

This is why we never take money or perks for reviews. While we are sent items fo review and so on, we always rate the game or product based on our reactions to them and how they worked, not on if we were given something for a review. We do not do a common film practice where a quote for a movie ad campaign is provided before seeing a movie, or provided simply to get their name in an ad campaign.

Kayant1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

A big shame those guidelines aren't enforceable because it seems it's standard practice for EA. Looks like they will continue to do it knowing EA.

OrangePowerz1639d ago

Let's wait for our old friend Peter to come out and tell us it's all untrue and that gamers around the world love EA, that they only make high quality products and that they are the best company in the universe.

mos61421639d ago

FTC guidelines are not laws kids, they are just that GUIDELINES. Non of them broke any laws, no matter how shady you think it is.

n4rc1639d ago

And once again... People keep saying FTC when they haven't said a word..

Think maybe the FTC would be doing something if their rules are broken.. But they aren't..

But that doesnt stop people from trying to spread the rumor that they are

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