Massive on Xbox One & PS4: 'The beginning of an awesome new era for players'

There are a lot of big games slated for release in 2014, and The Division is one of them. Massive Entertainment is the developer behind the upcoming game and they're just as excited about the PS4 and Xbox One as players are.

In a new Q&A discovered by on Ubisoft's press site, Massive talked about whether or not they think the PS4 and Xbox One are going to be the industry-changing systems everyone thinks they will be.

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Az1mov1704d ago

Awesome indeed, the sales alone are an evidence of that. for instance the PS4 sold in 24h alone what any console did in a month in all of gaming history. the XB1 is doing pretty good too

Rickgrimes951704d ago

I really hope this releases 2014

thexmanone1704d ago

Lets just hope we can enjoy the game and not listen to people argue about with version is better.