Watch Dogs Wii U Still Available for Pre-Order, Confirms GameStop Italia and Other Sources

Nintendo Enthusiast: "Upon hearing of the rumors about Watch Dogs cancellation on Wii U, rather than perpetuating the rumor, we decided to do some of our own detective work to see if there was any truth to the claims of the rumor source. The results of our work are in and its safe to say that Watch Dogs was never being cancelled for the Wii U in the first place."

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Neonridr1668d ago

Glad to see that the "anonymous" source was full of BS..

nintendufus1668d ago

Communication breakdown and rumor have lead to some of the biggest misunderstandings in video game history. Plus, Nintendo doesn't need to miss out on one of the most anticipated next-gen titles.

hduce1668d ago

Damn... Are the trolls that desperate to see Nintendo go under that they make up and post negative articles, blogs, rants, etc?

jaymart2k1668d ago

I love these "anonymous" source stories.

Anyone can make a site/blog & post a story with "anonymous" source in it's story.

For example: I have a "anonymous" source that says Xbox One will be cutting their price to compete with PS4.


Lionalliance1668d ago

This is getting confusing.

Ninte1668d ago

But but that story said Rumour lol

Starbucks_Fan1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Good I guess? It wouldn't have mattered to me. This version will sell poorly.

BosSSyndrome1668d ago

Well good for you, mr one random dude. I would hate for you to be affected seeing as youre the only person who buys and plays videogames.

Summons751668d ago

Ha, and all the trolls in the other article were about to have an anurisim spamming about how it was a fact with no source to back them up and trashing Nintendo lol

In all serious though, despite the rumor having a lack of legit sources in glad the game is fine.

Angeljuice1668d ago


Er yeah, right. I don't think it went down like that on the other article at all. People just discussed the possibility of it being true or not whilst arguing about Nintendo's 3rd party strategy.

I know it's quite tempting to rewrite history so it fits a romanticized narrative, and I'm aware that Nintendo fans tend to feel bullied if you try to have a debate with them so go ahead and pronounce yourself the winner of a fight that never happened.

SpiralTear1668d ago

You mean this one, because there's a lot of trolling here:

If you're talking about the Kotaku one, there wasn't much going on there at all.

Angeljuice1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Trolling goes on everywhere, you shouldn't even register them in your mind. Trolls don't necessarily even hold the viewpoint they portray, they just say things for effect, so getting one-up on them is completely meaningless.

The only way to beat trolls is to recognise them for what they are and pay them no attention.

christheredhead1668d ago

Some of those comments in that article are downright embarrassing. Not that I'm surprised, but just saying.

That's kind of how it tends to go on N4G though. I mean, I would think Ubisoft or Nintendo would make a statement if it were cancelled. I guess people didn't seem to rationalize that far. Most people took it as an opportunity to regurgitate the same comments of the Wii U being a flop, under powered, complete garbage, etc etc etc.

Oh well. Still thinking about picking it up for Wii U for off tv play. Haven't decided yet.

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