The Division's destruction 'reacts differently depending on physical forces'

There is still a lot of unknown information surrounding The Division, but as has learned, the game's destruction system will have some strong variety.

In a new Q&A discovered by on Ubisoft's press site, Massive talked about the game's destruction system and described how it's a very important part of The Division's gameplay.

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core_51582d ago

boah .. 4 post about one faq .. please another one.

Excalibur1581d ago

I still want to know if the destruction caused will remain for the entire game or if it magically repairs itself once you leave the area, I hope it's truly Next Gen and it stays.

amnalehu1581d ago

I seriously doubt that the destruction will be permanent.
EverquestNext is implementing a system where when certain things happen in the game, they basically stay that way and become part of the games history. But I don't see that happening in The Division.

imtheman20131581d ago

In an MMO type game, where the destruction is this advanced, it wouldn't make sense for it to be completely permanent. Players would end up going around destroying things, either by accident or on purpose, and the world would be FILLED with literal rubble. I get that it's a dystopian setting, but I trust the developers to make the world look decrepit and destroyed.

A world destroyed by the players wouldn't look pretty and, in the long run, it wouldn't be very functional.

IaMs121581d ago

As cool as it would be if it would stay but then it could ruin the fun a little. I enjoy shooting and blowing stuff up so what happens when i already did that to everything in the game. I think it should stay for awhile then eventually go back to normal so you can make new things happen.

Drakesfortune1581d ago

ubisoft are the best 3rd party out of the big boys i think at moment, they seem to be on the ball they have

assassins creed

4 bi blockbuster titles

HammerKong1581d ago

yeah they are making many pretty games ,i'am having great hopes for watch dogs,devison and crew but i think its time to give atleast a year or 2 years break to assassins creed ,it is not becasuse i hate ac but because i love it and want it to be great again and be one of the best again.

webeblazing1581d ago

they only have one game out

Hazmat131581d ago

hell ya! day one on PS4! this game is gonna be awesome!

HammerKong1581d ago

pc for me too ,i'am having xb1 and ps4 both but i'am also having a high end pc which may play this game well and biggest reason is that Massive studios are more pc focused studios and know how to make great games with great graphics on pc ,it is like ubisoft studios for pc ,massive is part of ubisoft studios.

Monolith1581d ago

Yes very excited about this game. I need e3 here now!

EXVirtual1581d ago

Nice. The attention to detail going into this game is awesome.
But, because of that, I doubt this game will come out this year.

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