Massive on 'The Division': 'No plans to release the game on current-gen'

A new interview for The Division has surfaced as has discovered and this one delivers to us a lot more information on the game, specifically whether or not Ubisoft has plans to bring the game to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

In a new Q&A discovered, Massive Entertainment said next-generation consoles are the reason why The Division can happen and that they are not working on a current-generation version of the game.

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clmstr1702d ago

Well, no wonder, it's one of the first true next-gen games.

raresteak1702d ago

Great news tbh.

It's the best looking upcoming game to me, graphically and the way the game looks in motion.

thorstein1702d ago

Xone and PS4 are current generation. When did he say this?

TomShoe1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I guess that's OK.

I'll just have to pick up a next-gen console sooner :)

@thor Next gen consoles really don't start being called "current gen" until either the previous gen consoles stop receiving support, or the next gen has attained a large enough adoption rate. Given there's only about 4.5M PS4s compared to about 81M PS3s in the wild, I'd still say it's next gen.

Bathyj1702d ago

technically you are correct, but most people still refer to Ps4 and Xbone as next gen and Ps3 and X360 a current.

There's always a bit of a transition period before we all start calling the latest consoles current gen.

MestreRothN4G1702d ago

One of the first announced. When it releases, in 2020, we'll have played other great games already.

Not to mention it is Ubisoft, so you have to expect half the promise to be delivered.

Adolph Fitler1702d ago

So the not releasing it on PS4 or XBone hey? Next gen would be PS5 & XBTwo....PS3 & 360 are last gen, that is a fact dictated by the reality that ALL the BIG 3's latest machines have been released to retail...Seems ridiculous that many don't understand this...

BattleReach1702d ago Show
DanielGearSolid1702d ago

In a way nextGen is can be subjective

For somebody who hasnt gotten a Ps4 or X1 yet

nope1111702d ago

huh? i thought it was listed for PS3/xbox as well. Oh well, i doubt it would've run well on it.

1nsomniac1702d ago

This whole article is rubbish. Despite the fact Massive have said publicly many times that the game was designed as a PC only game. Then moved on to next gen as they realized they were capable.

It was never planned or thought to be a current gen game (360/PS3)at any point.

theDivision1701d ago

Not sure where you got your info from. The game wasn't even planned for PC until there was such a strong response from the PC community.

webeblazing1701d ago

massive is mainly a pc dev it would be weird if it wasnt coming to pc. dont expect the pc version to be a port.

xfear2diex1702d ago

good i don,t plan to buy it last gen after watching it with such high details

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The story is too old to be commented.