Rust’s Garry Newman says Valve VR makes the Rift “feel like torture a device”

During the Steam Dev days developers were ushered into a room to test out Valve’s prototype VR system and feedback that was coming from the event was very positive. Rust and Garry’s Mod creator shares his thoughts on the Valve system.

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admiralvic1583d ago

Should have just called it a Virtual Boy.

erathaol1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

2 Positive things said here

1. Valve is on the right track with this VR Product, it an improved version of the Oculus Rift

2. "Crystal Cove..." says "we’re probably two years away from a really solid product." Which means two years before we all get to have a grand new experience open up to us the gamers.

Hell its about time

Spenok1583d ago

If you haven't heard about it. Check out the Glyph on

Similar to the rift. Only... better.

starchild1583d ago

We'll see. I'm just happy that VR is finally taking shape and advancing at a rapid rate. I was already impressed with the dk1 Rift and it has improved greatly since then.

starchild1583d ago

Those of you taking a negative stance towards the Oculus Rift based on these comments should realize a couple things.

Gary Newman's comment was comparing it to the dev kit 1 version of the Rift that they have in their office. Oculus has made tremendous strides since then.

Moreover, you should be aware that Valve isn't bringing to market their own VR headset, they are collaborating with Oculus.

"Valve speculates that a manufactured headset with decent presence parameters and a sensible price tag is still around two years away. It’ll almost certainly be be a seated device. So more of a chair-based holodeck, then.

If and when that does occur, it seems likely that Oculus will be the company to sell it."

"At first I was surprised that Valve were collaborating rather than competing with the Oculus team, but after thinking about it a little more I’m pretty much in favour."

"Valve just wants Oculus (or anybody else) to manufacture a VR headset at a customer-friendly price, so that they can reap the rewards of the inevitable software sales."

"Valve is offering the benefits of their own research, with, no doubt, an eye on Steam becoming the main platform for delivering VR games."

1583d ago
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theRell1583d ago

I've seen what VR can do to you in Batman Beyond. I don't wanna.

SilentNegotiator1583d ago

lol, didn't think I would run into a Batman Beyond reference today.

sonic9891583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

its funny that i predicted this move i mean that when i said before that big companies like Sony microsoft and of course valve can make better products especially hardware than some random people i respect carmack, but you know i said that because they have ENGINEERS i hope that people can understand that MORE ENGINEERS ACTUALLY MATTER

kwyjibo1583d ago

Oculus has the engineers. And they're collaborating with Valve too.

Oculus raised a further $75M in December - Then can afford to hire all the engineering talent they want.

sonic9891583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

ohh thats why valve are making their own solution .
i will admit 75 millions is impressive but when you compare that number to microsoft's , sony's or valve's and a bunch of other companies budget you will see the problem yes 75 million is great but its no guarantee that the big guys wont make something better, again the big guys have more money and more engineers

webeblazing1583d ago

he just told you valve is working with them thats what they are talking bout but you still try to make it "we gonna get it on console too." fanboys are so annoying. you do know a lot of companies out source their ideas to smaller companies right.

elweon1583d ago

Xbone only 720p, PS4 only 1080p ... PC 4K VR :D

sonic9891583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

lets see who will support it if consoles dont get their own version of it .
why waste resources on something that only 2% of the gamers will enjoy better save the money you know tough economy and high end PCs arent exactly mainstream

PotatoClock1583d ago

So you'd rather the industry stays stagnant and never innovate because a new technology won't be mainstream when it releases? Wow, your view of the world is so boring!

PCs can be upgraded.
What might be a high-end PC toy now, can easily become a mid-range PC toy in a few years.

sonic9891583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

boring but realistic and not imaginative .
you said it in years, and btw the console's revenue can not be ignored by any publisher.
the consoles usually put the standards of what to expect from gaming on the years to come after that.
thats why we didnt get games like watch dogs 4 years ago even if PCs were powerful enough to handle it , support 9000p but still the game experience is still the same .
i am boring and i like it have a nice day .

starchild1583d ago

I have no doubt that consoles will see some form of VR down the line, but it will never provide the kind of optimal VR experience the PC can.

The PC market is huge, many console gamers are simply ignorant of that fact. In 2012 PC gaming software brought in 20 billion dollars. This is an amazing figure when you realize the entire gaming market (hardware and software) only generated around 65 billion that year. PC SOFTWARE alone generated nearly a third of the entire gaming industry's revenue.

There are many millions of gamers on PC that are a potential market for the Rift. I've used it and I feel certain that A LOT of gamers are going to go absolutely crazy for it.

"You only have to look at the sheer amount of time dedicated to VR talks at Steam Dev Days to understand what kind of a push Valve is giving to the technology. The majority of day two was all about VR, and Michael Abrash was unequivocal in his belief that the PC was the only platform flexible and powerful enough to support virtual reality."

sonic9891583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

@ starchild
I respect your may you have fun with your choice .
but i am a console gamer always been always will be thank you and have a nice day .
see you later i am out of bubbles would have loved to have more talk with you

webeblazing1583d ago

so being a console gamer mean being ignorant, ignore technological advance if its not on you favorite console, make up stats, believe mainstream only matters, assume when you could research.

yea looking how this site operates i think he is right

Muadiib1583d ago

2% of gamers?! You are scarily ignorant, the Oculus will do absolutely fine on pc without the consoles I assure you, better in fact without Sony's and Microsoft's meddling and controlling.

PotatoClock1583d ago

"the consoles usually put the standards of what to expect from gaming"

Haha! Wow, I've heard it all now.

Tell me, what platform did gaming in 1080p originate on?
Oh, that's right, a PC.
What's in your console right now?
Oh, that's right, a PC.

If consoles lead the way, we'd still be enjoying the wonderful 64bit graphics of the N64.

Thanks for the good laugh Sonic.
Have a nice day indeed.

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dillhole1583d ago

I am writing this on a PC. It doesn't mean I have a 4k monitor, a GPU capable of running 4k games or a VR headset....and neither do you.

GentlemenRUs1583d ago

Should have just left it to OR.

SilentNegotiator1583d ago

Yeah, it kind of seems like a waste of money developing a competitor to a complementary product that has done nothing but show interest in improving your products.

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