Insurgency Soars to Top of Steam's "Top Seller" List- Could it Reach #1?

Insurgency just released on Steam January 22, 2014 and initially was ranked in the 90 to 100 range for "Top Sellers" on Steam. A low budget Indie game with no commercials, promotions, etc. that most of us probably haven't even heard of. What is this Insurgency?

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1703d ago
wannabe gamer1703d ago

huh...wouldnt being at the top of a top list mean you are #1 already?

jdiggitty1703d ago

It just went on sale yesterday

webeblazing1703d ago

and they say pc gamers only care about gfx lol. everyday more people are proven wrong.

WildArmed1703d ago

Insurgency has a dedicated fanbase, it was a mod for Half-life long time ago. I used to play it a lot.

I'm glad this finally got released as a stand alone, I'm more than happy to buy the game just for the great hours it provided me back in 2008.

ChipChipperson1703d ago

It's games like this that I wish there were more of, in terms of FPS, out on the PS3/4. I'm dying for just more tactical, authentic, realistic, etc. FPS games. No run n gun, no aim assist, more methodical gameplay, the sounds are better. Unfortunately, I have to stick with, which are already fairly old/older games for this though.