Blackguards - As We Play I Expansive DLC

The game is split up into two sections; a series of prettified menus, dialogues and simplistic maps make up the game’s exploration, planning and story elements, while the larger part of the game is taken up by a series of intricate turn-based battles. Outside of battles, players must train and equip their party, accept quests from complete strangers in that typical RPG way, purchase and sell items and advance the plot by travelling to specific locations or talking to specific people. As only items that are equipped by the characters – either as their main equipment, secondary or tertiary weapons or in pouches found in the characters’ belts – can be used in a battle, preparation before each is very much key to the player’s success. Players should always remember to stock up on arrows and potions at this point, because the game won’t do it for you automatically, as I learned on many, many awkward occasions.

Each battle takes place on a hexagonal-gridded area, usually spattered with a variety of obstacles, objects and environmental details which the player must use to their advantage. Each character takes it in turns (determined through those characters’ ‘initiative’ stat and behind-the-scenes dice rolls) to move and/or take an action, with turn orders appearing as a series of portrait cards in the bottom left corner of the screen. A character can move a stat-determined number of hexagons (marked with a blue fill) before taking an action, or up to twice that distance (marked with a lighter blue) while forfeiting the action.

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