The Stanley Parable - As We Play - Expansive DLC

Stanley could be you or me. He’s just a guy who goes to work and does his job. He doesn’t ask too many questions, nor does he try to shake the apple cart with corporate big-wigs. He locks himself away in his own little office, presses some buttons, takes his paycheque, leaves, then comes back the next day.

But every so often, someone will check on him and give Stanley an order. And however brief, Stanley depends on that social interaction. It has become a core part of his every-day routine, just like tapping numbers on his keyboard. Frankly, the slightest disruption of that carefully tuned balance would likely be catastrophic to his psyche.

And unfortunately for Stanley, the game begins on a day when that interaction never comes. No one visits the lone-worker, nor does anyone acknowledge he exists. Naturally, it unsettles him. In fact, the very idea is enough to pull Stanley’s attention away from the monitor for just a moment, causing him to discover that none of his co-workers are sat at their pods. For the first time, Stanley realises that he is completely, hopelessly alone. And the thought petrifies him.

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