Watch Dogs Wii U pre-orders rise due to cancellation rumors

It looks like rumors about Ubisoft cancelling the Wii U version of Watch Dogs have had a positive effect on Nintendo's console, as pre-orders for the game have risen in the past 24 hours at retailers.

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Neonridr1668d ago

I'm still very interested in seeing the Wii U version in action. I own a PS4, so the easy step for most people would be go for the PS4 version because it will look the best (aside from a PC version). However I feel that the gamepad could provide some very interesting gameplay opportunities that may not exist on the other platforms.

Here's hoping Ubisoft doesn't make a bare bones, watered down port with none of the same features.

hduce1667d ago

I have a ps4 as well but I am interested mostly in the Wii U version I could get it for the ps4 or PC for the better graphics but I am really interested in seeing how they implement the gamepad and that might make the game more fun for me.

XiSasukeUchiha1668d ago

Watch dogs for Wii U awesome

Metallox1668d ago

That's interesting. Ubisoft should "cancel" more often their games on Nintendo platforms.

PeteyMcPickle1668d ago

I'll be getting it for Wii U, as I want to see what they do with the gamepad. If it get's canned, i'll probably leave it till it's cheap pre-owned, or potentially not bother at all. I'm not getting a PS4 till there's a better library of games some time later in the year, and I won't get it for a current gen console as I want it to at least feel a little next-gen.

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