Titanfall critics are "assuming things" based on older shooters, says Respawn

If there's one thing everybody fears, it's the unknown. Oh, and not finding enough people to kill in a multiplayer game. Speaking to OXM as part of a massive, exclusive feature you'll read in our very next issue, Titanfall designer Justin Hendry has commented that concerns about certain of the game's more eccentric features are understandable in the absence of hands-on experience.

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christocolus1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Most of those hating on titanfall havent even tried it out but i believe critics will finally come to believe once the game has been released.


Im hopeful that it will change the minds of some critics (even here on n4g), may not be all of them but most will come around once they have played it.

JokesOnYou1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Well I did like the news I read earlier today about the story elements of the game, it was intetesting and I want to know more but I'll disagree with you about the "critics" believing after realease. First of all no one has to believe because Im sure there are some "critics" who genuinely don't like the 6v6/cloud AI direction and may or may not ever get over that due to personal preferences but if you think the "n4g usual suspect critics" will ever believe anything good about Titanfall before or after release then you are mistaken.

-I think more importantly from the media attention, the limited vids Ive seen, and judging by testers reaction the gameplay certainly seems to a breath of fresh air for those of us open to Respawns game design idea seems as much as some want to pin it with the "same old COD" tag they doing things differently enough that Titanfall is shaping up to be a major hit.

Panthers1702d ago

I can understand what they are creating with the AI, and when it comes to online play, less is more. The less players in a match, the more impact each player has, and that means each player is more meaningful

All in all, I trust respawn to do this right and I am upset I will miss out on it. (I dont like shooters on PC)

Hopefully this will be even more amazing than COD4

RadioActiveTwinky1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Its true. The only thing really putting me off is the A.I. minions and the player foot soldiers.

When I am playing HAWKEN i try to imagine, ok what would it be like if there was foot soldiers here and there already shooting at me. HAWKEN already plays freaking amazingly well with just the mechs and thats 6v6.
The foots i think will probably be the deciding factor on this game for me. Being shot out of my mech by foots will get annoying for me.
I also hope there is a lot of mech customization HAWKEN has a ton of it and they have 3 different classes with different versions for each of the three.

Septic1702d ago

Ive played it and the haters don't get it.

Simple as that. Trust me.

ifistbrowni1702d ago

I cant wait for this game.

March is going to be awesome. Titanfall and Infamous. TitanFall will fill the multiplayer void and Infamous will be my single-player game.

wtopez1702d ago

March also has Dark Souls 2 and Metal Gear GZ. A lot of gaming to be done on a month.

-Foxtrot1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

You know it works both ways you know...people who haven't played it are defending the crap out of it. At the end of the day they are just opinions. For me I can't trust journalists who have played it since these are the guys who hyped up previews of FF13, said nothing on Aliens Colonel Marines before it came out despite having previews for it and are the same people to give COD good scores every year despite being the same old crap.

At the minute people are making out that this game is going to change FPS when really it's not YOUjust want it to deep it's core it's just another FPS with a few new things thrown it (which we have seen in other games).

christocolus1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

The hype for titanfall actually started at e3 2013 (after the announcement) but the hype grew as previews( from those who tried it out at various events) started popping up. Look on the internet and you,ll see every preview/hands on has been extremely positive,even the just concluded alpha test was very positive. I know two guys who actually tried it out last year and theyve been going crazy about it. Septic also tried it out and he was pleasantly surprised. The game deserves the hype.i believe its going to be really good.

Gabenbrah1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Titanfall to me looks far more ambitious than any other MP FPS game I've seen in years, just the way the gameplay moves with the movement mechanics is completely revolution for multiplayer online gaming and based on majority of the impressions I've seen and heard from the game, seems and play like something completely fresh and new. 80+ Awards, Best of Show at every event and unanimous praise from those who played it, seem to say otherwise.

blackmanone1702d ago

Logic has no place on N4G, Foxtrot. It's fanboys vs xbots exclusively. Didn't you know that? /s

But in all seriousness, keep up the good work. Every post of yours I've agreed with.

-Foxtrot1702d ago


At the end of the day if this wasn't an exclusive then it wouldn't seem over hyped. People would be excited for it but wouldn't go out there way to make it seem like the best game ever. It's another FPS which a COD sequel should of been in terms of "pushing things forward" back in 2008/2009.

I know Xbox fans feel the need to make it seem like the next best thing since sliced bread because of how much crap has been directed at Microsoft and the Xbox One but it's un called for to just say people are criticizing it because it's an exclusive.

Yeah some people might be, I'm not going to argue with that but to group people in the same category...come on.

I really feel most of the hype comes from people who thought Respawn during years of silence was going to do something which would push the FPS genre forward...a few months after this comes out and the dust settles, like GTA4, peoples true opinions will come out about it. For me with what it is and the fact it's only a multiplayer game which will get the same type of online DLC - maps, skins, weapons, modes etc should of been a downloadable game.

The only reason I want this game to do well is to stick it to COD to be honest because nothing they do next will be able to top Titanfall...not even Zombies will save them.

AngelicIceDiamond1702d ago

**At the minute people are making out that this game is going to change FPS when really it's not YOUjust want it to deep it's core it's just another FPS with a few new things thrown it (which we have seen in other games)**

Some truly believe that Titanfall will "Changing" the FPS. When imo I see a twist to the genre. When's the last time FPS's have changed.

Some say Gears, changed the third person action genre. Some say Uncharted changed the third person cinematic action drama.

Some even say Mass Effect changed the RPG action drama. GTA defined open world games with three well written characters.

The first Bioshock changed the FPS but notice no other devs took cues from that game. Brink considered a failure because its something people simply weren't getting.

Titanfall may not "change the FPS" but it can put a spin on the genre.

It looks like brink, Wall running, parkour leaping, double jumping scalelable buildings. COD fast action, solid grounded gameplay mechanics and similar weapons. BF4 big open world maps, the feel of massive battles and the heavy artillery, which it the Titan's.

AngelicIceDiamond1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

@ "FoxI know Xbox fans feel the need to make it seem like the next best thing since sliced bread because of how much crap has been directed at Microsoft and the Xbox One but it's un called for to just say people are criticizing it because it's an exclusive."

I hate doing this but PS or any fanbase would do the exact same thing. Why do you target one fanbase when clearly the others do it to?

The Wii U fanbase are trolling PS3/360 fans because Bayonetta 2 isn't coming to their console. And I was upset for while. But then I realized, well whats stopping me from playing it? I have to buy the console.

But get this I don't want a wii U right now. So I stopped complaining since I don't wanna make the investment. Why complain when all I have to do is buy up the system to play but since I don't want the system right now then I should not complain anymore.

I'm not gonna sit and hope its going multiplat because that's THE dumbest thing ever.

Every, EVERY fanbase hypes up their new Ip's I don't know where you been but its nothing new.

Everyone does it.

ShwankyShpanky1702d ago

"It looks like brink, Wall running, parkour leaping, double jumping scalelable buildings. COD fast action, solid grounded gameplay mechanics and similar weapons. BF4 big open world maps, the feel of massive battles and the heavy artillery, which it the Titan's."

For all the flak Brink gets, I think Titanfall looks like a closer cousin to Brink than CoD. Brink even had the "MP-only online campaign" thing going (yeah it could be played offline, but it was the same as online only populated with bots), although the Brink missions seem like they were much more structured than the Titanfall "campaign."

I enjoyed the hell out of Brink. Even got all ten character slots (or was it eight?) with maxed out characters, each with specifically tooled class combinations (and yes, I even enjoyed playing dress-up with my Brink Barbies).

I think one of the main things Titanfall is lacking for my tastes is classes. Seems odd that they'd leave them out; like the game would be well geared to having classes. (engineers that can build anti-Titan defenses or saboteurs that can hack Titans or defenses seem like no-brainers).

1701d ago
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Anon19741702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Wait, so I'm assuming they're charging me full price for a 6v6(and bots!), multiplayer game with no single player campaign at all? And once they shut the servers down will simple become a coaster? Whew! That's a relief! Here I thought they were trying to rip us off. I wouldn't touch MAG, I won't touch this. No single player, no buy. At least not full retail price. Knock $20 off then maybe we'll talk.

maniacmayhem1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I assume you also paid full price for a single player game with no MP. And either that game had no DLC or made you pay extra for it, then after a while it received no updates and no support of any kind as the developer moved on to another project.

Should we also b*tch about those types of games and demand $20 be knocked off too. Or does every game need to fit the standard convention of SP and MP together.

Imalwaysright1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

There is no "we" because we all have a different perspective of value. To you it may be worth it paying € 60 for a multiplayer game but for people like me it isn't worth it.

I too refuse to pay full price for multiplayer games knowing that I won't be able to play them a soon as the devs shut down the servers. Singleplayer games last forever.

Anon19741702d ago

MP will always be just a tacked on feature to me, shoehorned in to games that don't need it or require it just to stop the game from ending up on a used game shelf as soon as it's beaten. Single player is first and foremost. I can overlook a game for not having multiplayer because single player, to me, is the most important part.

I can't overlook paying full price for a multiplayer game that doesn't have single player. There's just no value in that for me as I rarely touch 98% of the multiplayer aspects of games out there.

And long after those games are finished I can pop them back in and play the game. Multiplayer games simply cease to be once the servers are shut off, rendering them unplayable. Why on earth would I pay full, retail price for that? I don't know how the hell gamers have come to a point when suddenly this is acceptable to them.

maniacmayhem1702d ago

I disagree,

Multiplayer games have more replay value than most single player experiences. Once you finish a single player game, that's it, it's done. There is hardly anything new to discover or any other area to explore. I doubt there are a good number of times that you re-visited a single player game long after you finished it.

At least in multi-player games there is a different experience almost every time you play it. More involvement, different strategies to explore, new people to meet.

And you claim MP is a tacked on feature...well how about an MP that is the main and only focus of the game. How can that be tacked on?

And how many times have you truly experienced servers being shut off? I believe MW2 servers are still going and look how old that game is. Gears of Wars 1 and 2 servers are still up, I'm sure KZ3 and maybe 2 are also.

Probably after more than 6 (or more, depending on success) years the servers MIGHT shut down and even if they did and you were an active player for those many years, I say that was well worth the justified 60 bux you paid for the game.

JokesOnYou1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

This is of course is just personal preference but I can't tell you how much I disagree with you about multi vs singleplayer. Yes there is no substitute for a well told story in a game but even the best of the single player games cannot hold my attention for more than a few playthroughs at best. Simply put once I have beaten a SP game and then **IF** it's really good/has branching story lines I probably will give it another playthrough, perhaps for the 1% of games with an exceptional story or worthy of 100% item/progress completion I might be inclined for a 3rd playthrough, which is very rare.....then it's finished, I mean I might say like many folks, "OK I'll play it in a few months and beat it again", unfortunately I rarely ever do, as there's usually something that has my attention and I will hardly ever bother playing even the best SP game again because the experience more or less will never change and most of all NEVER be as good as the 1st one or two times.

As for multiplayer I feel like a good one can always be revisited for years, also the experience changes depending on the competition and my skill level, and dollar for dollar I get vastly more hrs of ever changing, some good, some bad, some epic, some terrible gaming moments the last a lot longer for me and with so many different social experiences fro other gamers than any SP ever can. Halo is a classic example of what I mean it's one of my all time favorite games for both story and multi but my online multiplayer experience easily dwarfs my time with the SP and I enjoyed so many awesome moments with friends and so many random strangers that are etched in my memory. Also you speak of servers closing as if it happens a month after release but it's usually more like a few years minimum after release....the best ones even longer, when likely basicly there is very little people playing anyway and everyone have more than gotten their money's worth upwards of 2 to 3 hundred hrs of gaming, heavy gamers possibly alot more vs a 24-32 hrs for 3 to 4 playthrough of a SP. Seriously I talk gaming alot and its very rare that I hear any gamer putting in that many hrs on a SP campaign compared to what's regularly played on multiplayer thus I think multi easily gives most gamers more bang for their buck, personally I love both but if I were forced to choose one or the other at gunpoint I'd take a great multiplayer game over a great SP game every time.

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quaneylfc1702d ago

Most 'critics' on this website are only critical because they can't play it.

TGF_Zero1702d ago

Agreed although I think some PS fanboys will still hate. Even though they know its awesome

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AutoCad1702d ago

ive played the alpha and was hooked on the 1st match,really dont care what people have to say about the game.its going to be a purchase for me bc i enjoyed it.

famoussasjohn1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I wasn't able to get into the alpha, but from what I saw it looked smooth as hell and looked fun. The bots do need work from what I saw, I'm sure others saw that same video where the guy walked into a room filled with 6-7 bots and they didn't do anything lol. (which could be due to the cloud features that run the bots may have been turned off in the alpha, who knows, can't give my final judgement until the final versions out and how they perform.) I'll be getting it though on launch day, can't wait!

AutoCad1702d ago

Ya i agree the bots do need tuning,but idk when i was playing it kinda felt like the bots where like doing their own thing.idk how to explain it its like their is a story mode in multiplayer.i saw a group of bots execute one of my teams bots like in a story way idk maybe im trippin lol.but ya anyways game is fun ,ubt hopefully they do tune the bots alittle.

nategrigs1702d ago

Thats really all that matters. Good for you.

(From a ps4guy)

Gamer-401702d ago

I pre order this, and game.

Is this a problem?

JackVagina1702d ago

Critics are on their knees

solidworm1702d ago

Looks fun if you like liteweight games like COD.

CrossingEden1702d ago

You're exactly the type of person who the respawn developers are talking about.
-_- Thanks for proving their point.

Gamer-401702d ago

"liteweight games like COD and now Titanfall"

For you we the heavyweight? I know it looking at the photograph already...
What is entertaining mostly is the successful game. This essence of the video game, not the weight, the weight for the butchers important.

famoussasjohn1702d ago

Your avy makes me want to punch you in the face. It's on par with a duckface.

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