Dead Island Presented With Special Award

Horror game Dead Island has been awarded for its contribution to the horror genre at the Russian Annual Horror Film Awards.

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MysticStrummer1551d ago

Not scary at all, and the buggiest game I've ever played in my life, which includes all the Elder Scrolls games.

thomasellis831551d ago

Agreed and the patch didn't do much to remedy the bug either. Still... I liked the concept and story.

SpiralTear1551d ago

Horror? Dead Island? No, there are much scarier games than that.

thomasellis831551d ago

Horror is the genre, I can think of plenty of games and movies that fit the genre that aren't actually scary.

DC7771551d ago

Hated it and traded it in.

gcolley1551d ago

Loved it and bought the sequel.