[Continue Play] First Impressions: Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster

Impressions of the Vita version of Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster. Why has Square-Enix been so cagey about showing it off publicly? Is there something to hide? Continue-Play investigates.

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kayoss1698d ago

I have the PS2 version of this game and can play it on my backward compatible PS3. But for some reason this version of the game cant come soon enough. a month and a half is a long damn time to wait.

Snookies121698d ago

Yeah same here, I've got this and X on PS2, and the international version of X on my PC. Though I can't bring myself to play it because I'd rather just wait for the HD versions. So pumped to play these games again.

1698d ago
Snookies121698d ago

I'm getting it for PS3 first for sure. I'll get the Vita version later on down the road.

kayoss1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Getting PS Vita for my wife and getting the Ps3 version for myself.
Not a big fan of the FF13 series so that is why i'm looking forward to this game. Been a very very long time since I've played a traditional FF game and RPG.

3-4-51698d ago

I've never played either game so I can't wait for this.

Buying a Vita as soon as this is released.

Will be my first Main FF game really.

I tried about 6 hours in and didn't feel like continuing. Loved the music though.

Hoping this game or these games are really good.

kayoss1697d ago

With most of these RPGs games, the first few hours can be very slow but once you reach a certain point in the game the stories become more interesting.

belac091698d ago

getting vita version. god i cant wait