NBA2K: Why Virtual Coins Are Ruining The Game

2K Sports has gone too far with the VC system.

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MIAMIB3AST61633d ago

I agree, I don't like playing NBA 2k anymore. My last nba game was 2k12. It was better with just skill points for everything

CloudyAero1633d ago

2k got greedy when they saw people would just BUY coins to max out their player, it's sad really.

MachineGunnTalk1633d ago

very unfair too in my team when your starting off n your opponent has an all-star lineup

gamegenieny1633d ago

I'm glad that more people are starting to see this issue and call them out on it, but where was all the outrage since 2k13 ? They did it there too. I think more people have picked up 2k14 on the new systems since there was slim pickings at launch that wouldn't normally buy it so now its becoming more and more known throughout gaming circles.
Hope enough people notice and complain, and make them change it back. Hate having my MyCareer player not playable when their servers are down.......

Sayburr1633d ago

I played 2k12 for the past two years, loved the game. I purchased 2K14 and hated it because of the VC (and server issues). I spent countless hours with 2k12, got my money back for 2k14, and I guess my basketball days are over as long as I am asked to pay "$60 as an entry fee" to play the game.

Sure, I can download the app and get extra VC, hundreds and thousands per day... but I shouldn't have to, I should be able to earn those points in game, playing the game, not having to go to my tablet every day to play the lottery, pick winners in real games, and hope for new locker codes. This game is a mess and doesn't deserve the ratings it received from the media because it is unplayable as is (or at least it is for me).

DaReapa1633d ago

"Sure, I can download the app and get extra VC, hundreds and thousands per day..."

Even the app is having issues. As of the recent update, logging in has been problematic.

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