HITMAN - Reveal, Reactions, Questions and Contracts

Shortly after pressing that big, blue ‘publish’ button, a huge wave of feedback, suggestions, ideas, questions and everything in between came at us and it was extremely exciting for us to finally share some details about what we’ve been working on.

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Hellsvacancy1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Take my word for it, no news here

Lord_Sloth1704d ago

Hope it's good. Can't wait to see it.

boldscot1704d ago

I hope they stay true to their word and we see a return of the open, non-linear levels without checkpoints. Absolution was a terrible Hitman game.

chaox_901704d ago

Absolution was just fine. Hope we will see some new surprises.

bauer0071703d ago

absolution was pathetic! anyone who doesn't agree hasn't played the previous hitman games!

paul-p19881702d ago

I loved Absolution, and i bought it because i had played and finished all the Hitman games before it. The new mechanics were what i liked the most, especially hiding 2 bodies in the same place (the amount of times i got caught out with that on the older ones lol)

I think we can all agree though that Contracts was by far the worse Hitman...