Battlefield 4 Still King in This Weeks Nordic Game Charts

Wait, wasn't Battlefield 4 top last week as well? Battlefield 3 is still ontop of the Nordic game charts for week 3 of 2014

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Aleithian1704d ago

Where's my new DLC maps?

famoussasjohn1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

On hold until they fix the game. You'll want them to work on the Second Assault pack as well. Metro is getting exploited with people in the roof again, and it's much worse than BF3.
Video of the glitch

This is annoying as hell since this has been found.

Aleithian1703d ago

Dang. Glitches like that would make the new maps virtually unplayable. I guess I'll just have to wait until they get all this sorted... (Sigh!!)

angelsx1703d ago

I'm bored of playing those maps.Cmon where is second assaull?

Up_N_U1703d ago

I stopped playing this shit after last week I was doing really good on PC and it crashed on me I said you know what fuck this stupid game and haven't played it since. DLC don't mean shit if the game isn't finished.

dcj05241703d ago

It's finished. Just broken.

Up_N_U1702d ago

I bet I don't need to patch my n64 goldeneye 007 multiplayer to play it.