Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition - Offscreen Footage

Want to see how good Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition looks on PlayStation 4? Here's some offscreen footage from Taipei Game Show.

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wynams1705d ago

"Want to see how good Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition looks on PlayStation 4?"

Why yes I do which is why I would never watch from that horrid choice of angle to shoot this video.

Alexious1705d ago

I do agree that the choice of angle is regrettable...But there's little we can do about that

FamilyGuy1704d ago

Still looks like it'll fun to play this with a friend.
Off screen footage is a shame, not sure why they wouldn't give us direct feed.

thekhurg1705d ago

I really hope this releases quickly after RoS on the PC.

Alexious1705d ago

Me too. I have Diablo III on PC, but might actually wait playing Reaper of Souls on Ultimate Evil PS4; Diablo Remote Play is just too enticing.

thekhurg1705d ago


I put around 200 hours into the PC version, Gameflyed the PS3 version and had even more fun. The game just works so flawlessly with a controller.

Want D3 on the PS4 now!

kopicha1705d ago

interesting... now that you mention remote play, i should consider getting it for PS4.

FamilyGuy1704d ago

Whoa, something about playing this game on a Vita sounds enticing. Like it would go really well on the small screen.

Snookies121705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

So, is the Reaper of Souls expansion not coming to the PS3/360 version? If so, that's a shame. Anyone know if saves will carry over from the PS3 version to the PS4? If they do, I might considering grabbing up D3 on PS4 as well. The game is a ton of fun multiplayer, but I just don't want to go through getting to 60 with my characters again lol.

thekhurg1704d ago

I *think* RoS is next-gen exclusive. But who knows at this point. Blizzard has been really tight lipped about this release since the original next-gen delay.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1705d ago

i can't wait!!

you guys think the loot drop will be as good as it was on PS3/360?

Obamanationn1704d ago

will D3 on PS4 be able to play with friends on PS3 ?