"Really Spectacular Things Coming To PS4 At E3 2014, Event Is Going To Be Fun This Year" Says Sony

2014 has just begun, both Microsoft and Sony are preparing themselves for Round 2 in the next-gen console battle, and its going to take place at E3 2014. Phil Spencer has already stated that Microsoft is preparing its ground to have a great E3 2014. Now we hear it from John Koller, Head of Hardware Marketing at Sony PlayStation, when they in store for Playstation 4 owners at E3 2014.

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GarrusVakarian1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Uncharted 4 has gone gold and is ready to ship July 2014, announcement at E3.

......i wish.

But i do think we will have some 'The order 1886' gameplay at E3.

Mikelarry1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

lol dream on, even tho it sounds like an awesome dream.

i think e3 this year is going to send shock waves across the industry as everyone will be in the " take no prisoners" mind frame


actually lucas you might be onto something if the below is to be believed

amiga-man1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I have faith in Sony delivering the goods with their engineers and excellent first party software studios they will deliver, they have some great franchises and VR will surely be announced great times ahead.

GarrusVakarian1759d ago

Yeah i just saw that.....i can feel the hype building up. Imagine an UC4 announcement AND reveal this year.....*faints*.

xHeavYx1759d ago

Santa Monica has been very quiet, I expect big news from them

badboy7761759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

God Of War 4
Uncharted 4
Gears Of War 4

All coming to the PS4444444

Hatsune-Miku1759d ago

I decoded everything sony said and it means that theyll have a lot of exclusive titles to show and theyll be amazing.

I know that sony will display games with graphics surpassing everything seen before and far exceeding things we've seen and will see from their competition. After all, fact shows that ps4 is the most powerful console available to humans and was constructed by humans.

Multiplatform titles are constantly showing that the ps4 is the most advanced and powerful console ever created

gaffyh1759d ago

Feels like E3 comes round quicker each year.

abzdine1759d ago

Sony haven't announced many games at last E3 because anti-DRM policy would have weighed more than any game. Sony went BIG winner from last E3 with almost no game shown compared to what MS did.

The anti-DRM plans made them save games for later showing. Other than ND and GG we almost don't know what every studio is up to.

Sony has a huge advantage in number of unshown games, they can pull the trigger whenever they feel like it.

sobekflakmonkey1759d ago

I really do hope E3 this year is "fun", to be honest E3 is usually fun, but them saying its gonna be "fun" this year just makes me even more excited; HOW MUCH MORE FUN CAN IT POSSIBLY BE! :D

I'm looking forward to reveals, new games, new IP's, and hopefully just an overall really fantastic feel, I want that childhood wonder and amazement.

ThunderSpark1759d ago

PS4 E3 will end the world. Mark my words.

Septic1759d ago

Time has flown by well quick! Now we're onto E3 2014!

Sony's last E3 wasn't really all that in terms of games but this year they'll unleasg the sickness. Cant wait!

GTgamer1759d ago

Last year E3 Sony saw an opportunity to capitalize on their opponents mistakes but this E3 is Sony will go all out trust their selling consoles like crazy so you can bet their gonna give people more reasons to love their console Can't wait.

guitarded771759d ago

Uncharted 4
The Order 1886
Sony Santa Monica
Media Molecule
Japan Studio
The Last Guardian

I want to see Gran Turismo for the PS4... and God of War. I want to see how good those along with Uncharted look.

I'd also like to see some type of Warhawk or SOCOM or MAG game... I want to see Sony make a deep competitive online experience for the PS4. I know Planetside 2 is coming, but I'd like to see it with a PlayStation property.

aCasualGamer1759d ago

I know that i will be very disappointed if they don't announce alot of exclusives for fall 2014.

Not that i'm against Sony or Microsoft.. but i like to think that a made a good investment buying a new console for 400+ $. I don't want a dry season of games for... months. I'd like publishers and developers to take us nextgen gamers seriously and not just wait for the sales of the consoles to go up before releasing their games.

pyramidshead1759d ago

It's certainly going to be quite a show. Hopefully they'll be smaller segments on the other platforms now that the gen will be in full swing.

Can't knock Sony for supporting 3 platforms at once though instead of just one.

MRMagoo1231759d ago

I want a new katamari new game and i will be happy

minimur121757d ago

Well we won't see UC 4 anyone spoon of you remember that need article on here where ND said they're just getting their engine up and running.

And I have this sinking feeling that The Order might be delayed. A lot of people were expecting gameplay/new stuff at the PS launch event or the VGX, but there wasn't and the devs said it wasnt ready, in some games we get gameplay videos or show demos sometimes a year before release (like TLOU) it makes you think that of the order cant supply a gameplay video, will it be delayed?

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Meltic1759d ago

and more division gameplay. Wont come this year i think

mark3214uk1759d ago

would really love Gears Of War 4 to come to the ps4

but i think ms will overpay to keep it exclusive

GarrusVakarian1759d ago

You can bet your life on it, there's no way MS will let gears go. Money will be thrown.

GTgamer1759d ago

Ms can overpay all they want we both know That gears of war 4 would make more money if it was multiplatform.

DOMination-1758d ago

Isnt that why MS pays the money to epic for? To subsidise the loss of sales. If anything Epic would make more money being exclusive because what ms pays them is more than the sales they'd make on ps platforms.

parentoftheyear1759d ago

I'm ready for a LBP3 announcement.

parentoftheyear1759d ago

What I want from e3.

PS4: I want LBP announcement

XB1: Kinectless SKU and Crackdown announcement

WiiU: Price drop to $199

hellzsupernova1759d ago

When is e3??????? This has me pumped! The order gameplay, Santa Monica's new ip, naughty dog shows uncharted 4 gameplay, syphon filter announcement for ps4, the getaway 3, then the last guardian at the end of their conference

GarrusVakarian1759d ago

It's usually in the month of June each year.

AngelicIceDiamond1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

@Lukas Lol That would be a huge surprise.

I wanna see Ready at Dawns The order Demo Walk through. Uncharted in game teaser if we're lucky some gameplay tease. Sony Santa Monica new Ip.

Media Molecule's new Ip. Bend Studio's possible new project. And though its early But hopefully a small tease from Guerrilla Cambridge.

Rime showcased everyone's gone to rapture showcased. Not a huge indy guy but would be interesting to see those games. Plus I'm trying to get into indies.

This E3 will be great for Sony. Hopefully more historical moments.

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Raiz1759d ago

microsoft prepare yourself to get blown away...... Uncharted 4 and Naughty Dog are coming.......

Convas1759d ago

Because Nintendo and MS aren't preparing their own heavy hitters for E3 ... right?

BallsEye1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

The downvotes... You fanboys need to get out of your imaginary world more often. Big N didn't suprise last e3 but for sure you can expect a lot from MS, after all, they've spend billions on new game studios. Doesn't matter how much you hate on MS, you have to be really stupid to believe they won't drop some great games. I'll be enjoying conferences from all 3 of them. Having many consoles, perk of not selling your soul to a brand.

Eonjay1759d ago


Raiz never implied that Nintendo and MS weren't preparing. He only insinuated that Naughty Dog would blow everyone away. Thats actually a reasonable statement. We are talking about one of the most awarded studios in the history of the universe on the most powerful console ever made.

Thepharaoh1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

They're all going to come with the big guns buddy new ips and the return of beloved franchises should be the main backbone of this e3.
Hopefully it will be the biggest one yet
I'm expecting a total of 10 new ips from Sony and Microsoft combined with sequels as well

Gamer-401759d ago

Can you keep recalling this title only always? There will not be something else, or there is not something else?

G20WLY1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Oh don't be obtuse! How is anyone supposed to answer your question?

We only know what we know - and that's all we can be excited for. Anything else is a bonus.

MS is the same, "Gears" this and "Fable" that, because that's what we know is coming. It doesn't mean that's all that's coming for either console, and you know it...

Grave1759d ago

Just got my PS4 (finally) last night! This year is gonna rock!!

snookiegamer1759d ago

Awww I'm so Jel

Bet you're loving it!! :)))

Grave1759d ago

It's amazing. Playing Resogun and Killzone all day. PS4 is blowing me away right now.

nategrigs1759d ago

Congrats. Resogun is great fun and an easy platinum

hellzsupernova1759d ago

Easy platinum!? Man that game gets really hard! Especially on the higher difficulties but then I've never been great at those side scrolling style shooters, great fun though

OldSnakePS31758d ago

Awesome bro I just ordered mine yesterday!!! Cant wait till it gets here!!!

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Hyper_Tension1401759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I expect no less from sony, Im sure they will deliver, they always had.