The EA/Nintendo Rumors Squashed by Peter Moore Shows the Problem of Anonymous Sources

The EA/Nintendo rumors come to a head, so what does that mean for "anonymous" sources?

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pwnsause_returns1703d ago

it means that they have some credibility. aside from most wanted Wii u, what other EA games have come out on the system? EA is not going to say that they wont make games on Wii U, cause it will look bad on them.

Kayant1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Wait you actually believe him.... Lmaooooo.... Please look at facts they don't support what he just said. Seriously go to EA's website wii U is not even there has a featured platform.

Why is it that EA hasn't been supporting Wii U for a while now. When was the last time a major EA multiplat title was released for the Wii U?

ABizzel11703d ago

EA flatout said they aren't making games for Wii U, so regardless of it's said by EA, their actions definitely agree with the comments.


Wow, you weren't not kidding.

Wii U's not on there.

DC7771703d ago

Good for them. Just ignore 5.5 million customers and hopefully it will come back to bite you.

ABizzel11703d ago


Those 5.5 million customers also aren't buying "Core" 3rd party games. They're only buying Nintendo exclusives.

EA's best selling game on Wii U is Fifa with only 140,000 copies sold. Then you look at the PS4 and Fifa and Battlefield both sold almost 10x that amount. You can't blame EA for not wanting to support a console who's gamers don't support 3rd parties.

Wii U owners can complain all they want, but if they're not out buying games then they're the problem, not the developers/publishers.

No one here would risk their life savings, college fund, or your salary for a year into making a Wii U game in the hopes of getting a multi-million console seller, so why are you upset, because a company doesn't want to spend a few million porting games to the Wii U only for them to selling 100k - 200k copies of which they only get 25% - 30% of the total profits.

maniacmayhem1703d ago

"anonymous" sources should always be taken with a grain of salt. But it's hard not to believe a conversation like this didn't take place when we see EA not giving the level of support to WiiU as they are doing with the other consoles.

Nintendo has to turn things around and fire back.

OrangePowerz1703d ago

Or when you look at them cancelling Crysis 3 when it was according to the devs almost finished.

Activemessiah1703d ago

Apparently Crysis 3 was running pretty sweet and Crytek really wanted the game out but EA being who they are did what they do best: shit on everything that is good in this world

BlackWolf1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Man, I wished so much for that game to come to Wii U... then EA killed my dream. Crytek wanted to bring it, tough.

fonger081703d ago

This means:
1. One random employee does not speak to our future business interests.
2. If/When Nintendo becomes more flexible to our (EA) wants and needs, Origin, micro-transactions, free to play.
3. Never burn bridges in the game industry... because you just never know who your next employer might be.

rjguess1703d ago

You mean N4G AKA (anonymous) sources!

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The story is too old to be commented.