Microsoft Patents New Xbox Controller Iconography

iGR: "How often do you look down at your controller when you're using it? If you're like me, it's not often, but it seems that Microsoft is looking for a new way to relay input commands."

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XiSasukeUchiha1705d ago

Hmmm for sure MS new controller will be interesting!

DeathOfTheFanBoy1705d ago

Its a bit meh, like the keyboards you can buy that have the same idea, it's cool but a bit of a novelty at the end of the day... I'm happy with the xb1 controller as it is.

JokesOnYou1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

lol, its patent that nobody knows exactly how it's going to be used, I read the news piece but even the author is just guessing, yet some have already figured out it's a "gimmick" or it could just be a small new intuitive way to do "something" different or use a controller differently. Either way I do agree at least from the patent description it doesn't sound like anything that's going to be a huge gaming phenomenon. lol

BallsEye1704d ago

If his comment would be "dual shoock FTW" he'd get million bubble ups and agrees. You sad skcuf (rb)

GraveLord1705d ago

Stupid idea. No one looks down at their controllers. It only slows you down.

UnHoly_One1705d ago

I think the point is that each button would have a display on it that could change.

So you throw in a new game, and the buttons change to display what they do for that new game.

Instead of having to go to options and look up the control scheme, you look down at the controller and see the icon for jump, reload, etc...

KingDadXVI1705d ago

Yeah, I think you are right. Although we don't usually look down at our controller when playing it could be helpful with new games or the first few times you play a game.

Instead of going into the game settings to see the button layout it would be right there on the controller.

UnHoly_One1705d ago

That's what it sounds like.

Honestly, it seems like a great way to make a controller be VERY expensive for very little gain. lol

urwifeminder1705d ago

Interesting I often look at my controller as I have such attractive hands this could work out great.

curtis921705d ago

This is the latest fad that makes NO sense in terms of functionality, just another looks-good-on-paper gimmick. I ACTUALLY saw someone the other day suggest that the wii u version of pCARS should show the HUD on the second screen.

Just think about that for a sec and how that works with the user experience. People get so blinded by gimmicks.

Gamer6661705d ago

It is not a gimmick when you switch between games you often forget what the buttons do. This is more helpful then having to review the control scheme in the menus every time you pick up a game you haven't played in weeks or months.

Also, for new games it would be easier since it seems almost no one gives manuals with the control schemes anymore.

curtis921705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Except that almost literally every game shows the controls during the loading screens. If not there, then countless times while playing, sometimes throughout the entire game. Again, this is all a needless gimmick. If button (x) doesn't do what you thought it did, you find the one that does. It takes about 5 seconds--if that.

liquidhalos1705d ago

I could see it being bundled with a special edition of a game, the icons could correspond to what they actually do. Its just a visual gimmick. Not for me but others will probably enjoy it

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The story is too old to be commented.