Bodycheck isn’t a sports game for sports haters — it’s action for everyone

Bodycheck (the PS Vita sports game "for people who don't necessarily like sports") is like medieval football with magic — and that’s only the gist of it. The arcade-focused game even takes cues from games like Tekken and Street Fighter.

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NagaSotuva1702d ago

I don't like sports, but I like fighting games. That's sort of a sport, right?

Sadie21001702d ago

Street Fighter = good.

Raistlinhawke1702d ago

Tekken is my personal favorite franchise, but I can understood the niche appeal.

CDzNutts1702d ago

I prefer DOA 5. I understand that aesthetically it objectifies women, but the FIGHTING Looks like a choreographed kung-fu flick. Love a cinematic experience in my games.

I wish more fighting games did this instead of just having robotic animations.