PS4 Firmware Version 1.6 to bring further headset support

A recent leak has confirmed that the upcoming PS4 Firmware Version 1.6 will bring support for more headsets.

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overlordror1667d ago

Glad Sony put some priority for Pulse Elite owners. They need to roll this update out soon. They promised in January.

Mikey322301666d ago

That headset looks stipped down of many features of the current Pulse elite Headset that is out there.

No bass impact?
No dual headband vent?

Maybe they will fit a little more comfy

qu1ckset1667d ago

I want DLNA Support!!! My wireless A50's don't need Bluetooth hehehe , but ya this is good for all those with Bluetooth enable wireless headsets , maybe people will finally throw out those garbage mono headphones that come with the ps4

TheTwelve1667d ago

I want Music Unlimited to work.

dantesparda1667d ago

Why, whats it doing? I had it for a month, but didnt really like it, cuz 1.) it took to long to load (10down/1up DSL) and 2.) they didnt have the songs i liked. Like for example the explicit version of A$AP Rocky's F-ing Problems or KRS-One/Channel Live's Mad Izm

TheTwelve1666d ago

Music Unlimited shuts down on the PS4 every 5 minutes. It's pretty much broken.

NegativeCreepWA1667d ago

Hopefully it'll also bring 5.1 support for blu ray movies.

armad111667d ago

There is 5.1 support. I had to go into the options during playback of a movie and choose it.

NegativeCreepWA1667d ago

I've tried and can't get it to work.

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