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DayZ is a survival horror MMO currently under heavy development by Bohemia Interactive and creator of the original mod, Dean Hall. Awakening on a shoreline in a fictional post-soviet country, players must survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland known as Chernarus.

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andyjt1668d ago

Great write up!
I've played the DayZ None Standalone version and it's a very deep and time consuming survival game, especially if your playing on the modded versions such as Epoch in which you can build your own bases/board up houses etc.
Although, I was always playing Solo and it's extremely hard to get anything done on your own.
However, Standalone looks a lot more Solo friendly, especially with the new Zombie Spawn system (it seems like there are less Zombies in the quieter areas, but more in the cities) and hopefully less chance of instant player killing.