Most Anticipated Games of 2014- Titanfall

Titanfall is launching on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11, 2014. The Xbox One will be the “definitive” version with use of the Microsoft’s “Cloud” for processing power and use of dedicated servers. With the obvious graphical and frame rate improvements being on the Xbox One version, Respawn has also hinted at more differences to the 360 version besides graphics but are yet to be announced.

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christocolus1636d ago

Nice. I hope this game sells like crazy.

maniacmayhem1636d ago

I have to admit that this game looks like a ton of fun.

JodyCones1636d ago

"With the obvious graphical and frame rate improvements being on the Xbox One version"... Haaa!! *PC actually. Bias article; you keep believing whatever a company tells you.

MysticStrummer1636d ago

Yeah and all versions use the same cloud and the same servers. The developers themselves have said this more than once.

The PC version will be best graphically, at least for those who have a rig that can run the game well, which means many many many many people since it's not that demanding a game visually.

JodyCones1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

This game is running on an old engine. You can build a more powerful PC then the Xbone for the same price as it. It's not hard to build good PC's now days, it isn't the 1990's. Some people just choose to amplify their PC's with so much power because you have the "choice" with PC's. It's all flexible. Other people need to know this. Because PC gaming is surging for this reason.

Gamer-401636d ago

No doubt, this a real one new system seller FPS.

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