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Explosion writes: " Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z has some interesting features that make it stand out from many other games based on the series. Unfortunately this isn’t enough to make the game a good one: the game’s battle system is really clunky, the characters’ movesets are not varied at all and everything feels really limited. It’s a shame because the game had a lot of potential: a better fighting engine, more characters’ variation and a more exciting single player mode would have made it a much better Dragon Ball Z game"

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blackmanone1634d ago

Used to love them on the ps2 but I haven't seen anything new from these games in a decade. Would love for someone to explain how I'm wrong, though, because I used to love me some dbz.

jc485731634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

I thought the Budokai nontenkaichi series were pretty good. Didn't they release the HD Collection last year?

kB01634d ago

I loved playing the demo, so I'ms till getting it for vita.

doomtrain1634d ago

LOL this one was even better

reviewer plays game without really leveling or customizing the characters and claims they are all the same , makes sense :)

cant chain the different moves together? sorry lol but yes you can , you just never played it for long enough to be able to figure it out ........

i actually chuckled at the complete stupidity displayed in this recent '' review ''

Lukebb911634d ago

I played the demo for a couple of hours and it was the same move sets over and over limited variety. A bit of a let down, had some interesting ideas but ultimately its a overpriced iphone app.

gano1633d ago

I keep hearing tenkaichi is the best.
personally i disagree and thnk legends if the best.
This, u cant even power up.
It feels incomplete, potential is there. But doesnt feel finished.
i mean gotdamn u cant even air juggle. only once then other people gotta try
to smack them around.

This has so much wasted potential....

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