Why Do Gamers Obsess Over Review Scores?

Venomous responses to reviews of video games have plagued us for years. Sexist, racist, homophobic comments made simply because someone else's opinion doesn't fit with your own. To find out why gamers obsess over review scores Ben Skipper talked to two gaming psychologists, Eurogamer's deputy editor Oli Welsh and writers Cara Ellison and Chris Schilling.

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MestreRothN4G1698d ago

1. Rationally? Because they want their beloved games/studios to be a huge success and keep on going well.

2. Irrationally? Because if I like something, you HAVE to like it too, else you're wrong!

dedicatedtogamers1698d ago

It was actually Microsoft with the 360 that started the modern obsession. Before - sure - fanboys would get upset at a review score, but after Microsoft continually harped on how they had "most high-rated games according to Metacritic" etc etc then when a game got rated "too low" or "too high" by even .5 of a point it became a huge point of contention, because it would affect the Meta score.

kevnb1698d ago

That's just people who comment in forums, small percentage really.

Sayai jin1698d ago

True, Most of the people that get in an uproar over review scores do it due to the fact that they will try to use it against their rival console (imaginary rival). IMO most gamers will buy a game because they want to play it. It's nice to see devs who work really hard on a game get their props.

Tetsujin1698d ago

After reading the article I'm so glad I don't base my opinions on just review scores. I prefer some type of video and/or demo/renting first. There's so many games I wouldn't have experienced if review scores was my big factor.

admiralvic1698d ago

Obviously because very few people read the score and instantly think to themselves "I can not see any reality where XYZ game is not a 9/10 or 4.5/5 game!"

With that being said, sometimes the review doesn't do a good job justifying the score. Almost as if they just wanted to give the game a low review score and I've seen games where the reviewer listed a bunch of faults, but still went "but it's Final Fantasy!" and gave it a high score.

There are a lot of shades of grey, but in the end, the score is usually the last thing you go away with, so I can understand people who don't like it when the score is unfair. Mind you, only when it is unfair. Sometimes people can have legitimate beefs with good games and help me understand the score.

NintendoYouth1698d ago

$66.00 per game kinda makes me want quality.

Lord_Sloth1698d ago

But a review doesn't assure quality because it's just some dude's opinion. I stopped reading reviews with Gamespot's PS2 MH review. I'll make up my own mind with videos and reading about the game. Maybe a demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.