Sony's John Koller Explains what's Next for the PS4

GotGame: Sony's VP of Marketing John Koller sits down with us to talk about what's in the pipeline for the PlayStation 4 and offers a little tease about the company's strategy for E3.

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RyanRBates1580d ago

Hopefully more video streaming options and exclusives. Can't wait for E3!

DigitalHope1580d ago

All I want right now is DLNA to be turned on. Everything else is gravy.

Miss_Vixen1580d ago

And to add to that. I also want the ability to play mp3 formats, customization themes, set background pictures, better dvd scaling options, external hard drive support...etc

hellzsupernova1580d ago

The bad part of being an early adopter.

GribbleGrunger1580d ago

Steve Masters: What about the availability for PlayStation 4? Has it solved itself? Has it caught up with demand?

John Koller: No, we still have demand far outstripping supply and I think we’re doing everything we can to bring in regular shipments of PlayStation 4s and are doing so.