Killzone Shadow Fall: A Detailed Look At Sony’s Free DLC & Clan Update

Developers at Guerilla Games have several goodies in store for fans of their immensely popular PS4 launch title, Killzone Shadow Fall. New maps and a clan update are on the way.

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emad-E-three1701d ago

Not a real detailed look, old and is on the official website! Also that Killzone 3 art box :|

Anyway can't wait for the DLC already above rank 900 and soon the platinum trophy :D

SpitFireAce851701d ago

Only played the Singleplayer...Still need
To play the MP...i know its sad but dont
have much time..:(

nfl1701d ago

Only played 5 mins on mp. I hope to get time aswell to try it. Loved mp on mercenary. Gr8 mp for a handheld. :)

incredibleMULK1701d ago

I love this game. Ruins is the best map. Park is good too.

johndoe112111701d ago

For me it's The Wall and Forest.

_FantasmA_1701d ago

Ruins is good, but I think Factory is the best even though I've only played it twice. I can't stand the Wall and Forest. I always get noobs on my team that die hundreds of times and don't ever watch their back.

LoliconMaster1701d ago

Like I said before (and got a 3 day ban for it) I don't like this Killzone. The levels were too....clean I guess. It didn't seem gritty or I dunno,Killzone-y enough.

dcj05241701d ago

The wall, the slums and the spire fell gritty Killzone-y. The rest like penthouse and the park are a bit too clean. Then again the only gritty maps are on the helghast side of the wall. The Vektan side is always clean.

mayberry1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Killzone sf mp is BOSS! The stun ability at maximum level is so devastating! Love it!